photoWANDSWORTH kick off a smash!

Wow…. what a great night. The Wandsworth Borough Arts Team pulled together a cool community event that certainly got a bite into the photoWANDSWORTH 2010 workshops and competition. For anyone new to photography this was a perfect window to view what is possible once you step away from the automatics and become a bit inventive with the mechanics of the camera. What we always find intriguing is how process evolves in tandem with the choice of mechanics – how the eye shifts to search for new visual cues and operations as the camera is set to a certain range of parameters. Form following process.For the beginners last night, this was a first step to creative visions being adjusted, tweaked and let loose within the confines of that light tight box.

Last night was indicative of that. As the evening sky darkened and the torches, mobile phones, glowsticks and street lamps lit up and dominated the ambient light source the “painters” came alive in the pursuit of carving out thoughts onto digital film. The “wait and see” process of a 30 sec digital in-camera exposure reminds me of the days of darkroom courses …. where that little wait built excitement and the question – did i do this right?- and then ta dah!, one is surprised with the result. Night photography, painting with light, certainly offers a bit of that old skool magic back to the digital photographer. It was good to see. Here are some results from the night. Enjoy!

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