Chilly but fantastic.


Karl delivered the Saturday London on Location workshop and reports how fabulous it was. The group met at the Southbank where they were introduced to some camera and exposure fundamentals before they set off on three compositional briefs. After a visual warm up and some beautiful light the practice was set for applications and exercises which moved photographers from an automatic reliance to decision making in both the technical and conceptual using more advanced camera operations. As they moved into evening light they had the opportunity to work with the challenging situation of low light moving into night photography. The tripods came out and it was certainly worth carrying them for the day. The group managed the diving temperatures, and the photography they produced was top notch. The “graduating” assignment shooting the London Eye looked spectacular in crisp winter night light.

Having had a day of photographing skateboarders, speeding buses and taxis, an acre of books for sale, boat traffic on the Thames, pub life and night life along the riverside, glowing indigo skies and a gorgeous urban sunset the group made their way back to the Royal Festival Hall for a hot drink and a wind up of the day’s activities.  A successful day all around and the group did an excellent job of getting concepts and the technical down to move from “guessing” work to “visualising and creating” work. Well done!

Our next London on Location is:

SATURDAY February 11th, 3-7pm and February 18th, 3-7 pm.

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