Olympic Park revisited






It’s over two and a half years since the Olympics rolled into town. We thought it would be a great experience to head back there and see what was happening to the once world stage of sporting events. Karl was interested in using photography to see if there was a story here that he could develop further so these are some of the images from his recce. The space is in complete transition, the stadium looking to be West Hams new football grounds, masses of new state of the art office space itching to be built, and even more shopping to be raised from the ground. The masses of crowds spilling into the Westfield Shopping Center certainly indicate that as far as shopping goes this was success. The grounds at the moment seem quite quiet and it is a wonderful respite from the dodging of crowds that one faces between the metro stations and what was once Olympic Park. While the project ideas are brewing we decided to load some of the test photos up. Overall the space makes for some wonderful clean industrial lines, and despite there being security on site, not once was Karl stopped from photographing, which was refreshing. If you have some time to head east on the Central Line then do. It’s spacious, people are friendly, and you can enjoy your photography if you like to shoot industrial park type of stuff. The space is completely in a state of transition so who knows what it will be like in a couple of months from now, or years. But right now it feels like a empty canvas you can walk into. For a city as crowded and claustrophobic as London can be at times, this space was utterly refreshing.

All photographs ©Karl Grupe | The Mango Lab  2015

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