The Saturday Club : January Nature Knockout

The January  Saturday Club met at the foot of the Amersham train station. The snow was falling like a goose feather duvet had been torn open in the middle of a strong fluffing. Thick flakes floated down softly onto the earth, dampening the acoustics of the village, making everything feel sleepy. A group of six of us met, most for the first time, and we shook hands, said our hellos, talked about whether we were new to this or not. Soon off we went, walking only a couple hundred meters before we turned and entered a wood which lay at the edge of the Amersham town. We were struck by the sheer beauty of this brief but heavy snowfall. The forest floor was now a virgin white, void of any tracks man. The trees rose up in a pitch black shadow as they were backlit by the low sun now burning through the clouds. It was curious how we all stopped in awe of the beauty of this moment.  It wasn’t yet automatic that we should pull our cameras out and begin recording this. It wasn’t until in the distance a couple appeared with a dog and as they approached, they gave us a sense of scale and form.  We used this as our warm-up exercise and took pleasure in the fact that we were able to shoot one of the very, very few moments this winter where snow was available and falling at a most appropriate moment.


Making our way along the woods we made it to the edge where the trees clear and one can see for miles along the undulating landscape of the Chilterns. The hills with Old Amersham in the foreground painted one of those quintessential English countryside scenes described in classic literature or observes in 18th century paintings. We slowly made our pass along the edge of a farmers field, continuing to warm up our creative eye, capturing images along the way as we walked down a hill into the heart of Old Amersham where we took a tea break at a local cafe. Sitting outside in what had turned into a sun drenched day,  The Saturday Club brief was handed out and we entered into discussion.

The brief was as follows:

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 03.52.26

Finishing our teas and homemade baked goods, we had yet to get to our location which was about a kilometer away, deeper in the Chilterns where we would be photographing along a small, frozen lake, pasture and more woodland. Our comfortable walk through the picturesque village of Old Amersham took us past quaint shops and cottages and into a rural area where we crossed a highway and walked into a white filed and began the brief. The following images are the result of that day.


SaturdayClubPeterW_Horses 2

IMG_0634 2



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