Autumn Half-Term Review



Well this week we are counting our blessings. We seemed to luckily squeeze by with the weather as we had three weeks of half-term courses to provide and while overcast is workable, cameras and students don’t take too well to mini-monsoon mornings and afternoons.

Our Soho office proved to be a real treat for our 13 -16 yr old students. The choice of locations, galleries and museums – not to mention plenty of places to duck into for a quick warm refreshment when the rains did come – allowed for the delivery of some engaging material to the “very eager to get photographing” young audience.

Teens Beginner Photography courses ran with Julia providing her usual electric energy and the students quickly picked up pace and developed their knowledge about the technology, history and craft that lays at the foundation of picture making. For the more experienced young photographers, and those wishing to look at their work through a more engaging ‘lens’ we introduced a new course this half-term which, due to its positive reception, we will be offering for Spring 2016. Teens Visual Communication allows teens to experience shooting to briefs in the genres of fine art, advertising and editorial travel photography. The structural aspects of the briefs tease out different visual communication adaptations and introduce students to seeing their camera (and photography) not simply as a limited set of point and shoot observational skills, but art directed, creatively invested and project managed constructions which are rendered through the process of photography.

We have long held the belief that young people today are required more than ever before to learn the vocabulary and currency of visual image speak. We reside in a world so intensely image heavy that understanding the visual lexicon through semantics, code, document and myth all raise the bar far beyond the seemingly innocent selfie or foodie lost in an Instagram feed. Brand bias, miming, online and offline peer loyalties formed through dress, avatars, tumblr gifs and further alliances forged from this public space genealogy are deeply embedded in our sociopolitical culture. Our contribution through the Visual Communications course is not only learning how to tell stories through imagery, but to get to an understanding at why we point the camera ‘here’ instead of  ‘there “ and vice versa for the purposes of communication. Teens explored the concept of – wherein resides the locus?

Moving forward for 2016 we are excited to be bringing some new additions to our Teen and Adult courses and workshops. AS we approach December we hope to have those listed on our website in the next week or two.


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