Student Spotlight: Isaac T

We’ve decided to launch Student Spotlight – monthly interviews with former ‘Mango Labbers’ who have completed photography and media courses with us. It’s not always easy to predict what you might gain from doing a photography course if you know nothing about it. However an interest can become a passion and a passion can lead to a career or at the very least a hobby. That’s the idea behind Student Spotlight.


In this interview we introduce teens photographer Isaac T – he talks about the skills he’s gained and how photography has made him braver!




When did your interest in photography begin?
I can’t remember – it was a while ago. I remember when I came with this little camera to The Mango Lab; I must have had this camera five years before, I don’t know what I was doing with it though. My mom bought it for the holidays and I started using it. I was interested in stop motion photography.

What courses have you done?
The first one was when we went to Leicester Square – the Beginners course. We did a lot; I can’t really remember all of it. I remember going on a boat around London and I photographed the water.
I also did Intermediate, Photoshop and… Secret London. And the Saturday Club courses. I’ve done some of those too.

Were there any courses you particularly enjoyed?
I liked when we were on the rooftop at John Lewis. We were taking photos of the skyline. And I want to do night time photography.

Why are you interested in night-time photography?
Because of the lights – it’s all different and interesting. I like the silhouettes.

Is there anywhere in the world you would like to go to do that?
Somewhere in central London.

What was it that attracted you to pick up your camera to take this shot? (See below.)
I got bored one day so I went out and took photos. I just saw the water dripping and thought it would be cool if I captured that. It was the movement of the water.




Are you unconsciously attracted to the theme of movement?
Yes, that’s probably it. I don’t know why I take photos – I just take them.

What’s going through your mind or what are you feeling when you’re holding a camera?
That’s the thing; there’s absolutely nothing going through my head. I just take the photo because it looks good.

Is it more spontaneous?

What would you like to be doing in the future?
I don’t really know. The one thing I am sure about is that I’m going to college and taking media studies. After that I don’t know. It will lead onto something else in media.

Other than the technical skills what have you gained from photography?
I’m gaining more confidence to just go and take photos. Other people in the group gave me confidence too.

Do you think you’re braver?
With taking photos, yes, because I don’t mind it anymore. Before I was a bit (self-)conscious, I didn’t know what people would think but now I don’t really care.

Where do you put your photographs?
Just on Instagram.

Do you call yourself a photographer?
No, not really. I guess I am but I don’t really say I am. Friends know I photograph though.

What type of responses do you get from people about your photographs?
They say they are good. My aunty wanted me to take photos to see how good I was so she made me take photos of her dog.




Do you ever get frustrated using settings on your camera?
Yes, I do because sometimes you can’t get it right. It’s either too dark or too bright. I leave and I come back to it.

Are there any particular feelings you get from doing photography?


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