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With only a month to go until the US elections we decided to poke around the web to see what worthy election-related news we could find — can you imagine if Donald Trump wrote an academic article? Imagine no more with this week’s best of the web. Also featured is New York Magazine’s articles on why anxiety is a survivalist feature, and eight years of Obama’s presidency. If that doesn’t probe your interest Konbini put together a photographic piece on crying men and laughing women — it’s a bit of an easier read!

IMGUR.COM: A title for a really great piece of research, just the best really


Okay, so we’re finding it hard to come up with any serious articles about Donald Trump’s policies. This ‘research paper’ spoofs Trump’s nugatory rhetoric, despite what he has said about immigration into the USA, building a wall, and his derogatory comments towards women etc. If you have a read through this research paper it sums up in an elaborate overuse of ‘really’ and ‘I’ what Donald Trump is about — “I have a lot of money because I am smart and make the best decisions — and the decisions are really great and then there is a lot of money. You cannot argue with that, can you? No. You can’t.” Well…

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NEW YORK MAGAZINE: Why psychologists say anxiety is the ‘shadow’ of intelligence

Not all anxiety is bad according to David Barlow, founder of Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders at Boston University. While being overly anxious can be a dangerous psychological problem having moments of anxiety before an interview, date, or skydive is beneficial. Along with fear, anxiety is responsible for the survival of species — by sensing future danger and pre-planning we are increasing our risk of ‘survival.’ Barlow writes: “The anxiety is something that motivates you to plan your approach to these challenges in such a way that you feel you’re prepared. In doing so, you perform at a much higher level.” We’re not advocating anxiety attacks, but next time you feel anxious it might just help you to get you that job or incredible date.

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KONBINI.COM: Emotional portraits show what real men cry and real women laugh like

We’re no fans of the headline in grammatical terms, but this article comes from a great point of view. The opening sentence of the article defines the misconceptions society has with emotions and gender — men that cry is taboo and women are constantly told they should smile more by catcallers. Utrecht-based photographer Maud Fernhout undertook a project to confront these misconceptions by showing crying men and laughing women. Fernhout says: “I wanted to photograph real, everyday women to show what we actually look like. I soon came up with the idea of women ‘laughing out loud’ to oppose the stiff, emotionless look we often see on models.”

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NEW YORK MAGAZINE: Eight years in America: Hope, and what came after


When Barack Obama became president eight years ago it was an iconic moment — we don’t even have to say that, everyone can appreciate its relevance. In the same year the iPhone was released. In the years following there seemed to be a new civil rights movement in America, with the Occupy Movements, Black Lives Matter etc. Obama had a huge task on his hands, and with a divided country. This piece takes a retrospective and not unbiased look at the eight years that Obama was in office, and the profound and trivial decisions that were made.

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