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Bob Dylan winning the Nobel prize for literature is pretty cool, and the New Yorker’s David Remnick agrees. Huck explore evidence that marijuana can treat mental illness, Refinery 29 feature a story on CoverGirl’s first male model, and Strife blog look at the perils of modern masculinity following Donald Trump’s recent ‘locker-room’ comments about women. That just about sums up this week’s best of the web.

HUCK: Smoking marijuana to treat mental illness has the power to change lives

Julien’s story of struggling with mental illness was onset very early, and since the age of 15 he has smoked cannabis to alleviate his suicidal thoughts and depression. However, he was recently arrested for cultivation and charged with intent to supply. Alex King interviews Julien, his parents, and Professor Mike Barnes — who was tasked by the APPG to undertake a review of medicinal marijuana. The belief that marijuana leads to psychotic episodes is not wholly true, in fact Julien’s story flies in the face of that claim. Despite the APPG report calling for the legalisation of marijuana the government has rejected the strong evidence. We shouldn’t believe all the scare stories.

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THE NEW YORKER: Let’s celebrate the Bob Dylan Nobel win

Whether Bob Dylan deserves the Nobel prize for literature is a technicality. Of course he does! David Remnick agrees, and Bob Dylan has written books. To echo what Remnick
says there are authors who deserve the Nobel prize, but given the perfectection of Dylan’s songs why shouldn’t he be awarded it? Lyrics and literature are of the same house, like prose and poetry — at the end of the day if it is written to evoke emotion and transport you to a certain place or time or feeling it should be considered worthy. Remnick says of Dylan’s song I want you: “It gave me most of everything: a connection to something magical and mysterious and human, connections to countless other artists.”

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REFINERY 29: CoverGirl just announced its first male face — and he couldn’t be more deserving

17-year-old James Charles became the first male CoverGirl model. Need we say more? Charles has over 400K Instagram followers — the aspiring make-up artist has become an internet hit. Whether it’s a controversial move will always be a thought on the table. We think it’s a positive story on how progressive society is becoming in the face of gender inequalities that exist in far greater proportions. Charles has got some pretty awesome shots with his face on, so if you’re looking for an easy read with some inspiring makeup ideas Charles might just be what you need right now.

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STRIFE: Donald Trump and the perils of modern masculinity

Harris Kuemmerle writes about the need for equality between men and women. The release of a video last week showed Donald Trump making derogatory comments about women — passed off by some as ‘locker-room talk’ and the kind that occurs between male friends. However, in light of these comments Kuemmerle suggests, as many would, the need for equality. In a society where aggressive is synonymous with men and empathetic and vulnerable are female traits there is also a rise in rape, domestic abuse, and high suicide rates in males. It makes sense to suggest that we’re conditioned by our upbringing, and so Donald Trump’s comments are a reflection of his conditioning. But, it is equally possible to break away from that conditioning.

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