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Of late news outlets have been caught up with debunking fake news — oh the irony! We decided to include something a little closer to the action in this week’s Best of the Web, what it’s like being a reporter in a Trump press conference. Following a similar theme The Atlantic put out a thought-provoking video, featuring Michael K Williams, on questioning our answers. Also included is a story on Somerset House opening spaces to artists at cheap rates and the death of Chinese photographer Ren Hang.

1843 Magazine: Master Builder

The title doesn’t give much away, so here’s the gist, cities, especially London, are too expensive for emerging artists, however one man is attempting to change that. Jonathan Reekie, director at Somerset House, has decided to offer cheap rental space in the New Wing of Somerset House to artists of various disciplines. Following the departure of the last government department in 2013 36,000 square feet of space was made free — artists are selected through an application process to apply for spaces at a subsidised rate. By the end of the year 300 artists will call Somerset House their studio space. Reekie says, “London likes to think it is the creative capital of the world. But, if we don’t nurture and celebrate our artists, how can it be?” The only question then is, how cheap is cheap?

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British Journal of Photography: Controversial and renowned Chinese photographer Ren Hang dies aged 29

The Chinese artist, Ren Hang, has died aged 29. Hang was known for his explicit and controversial images of nude men and women. However, the artist also suffered from depression, which he openly spoke of through poetry on his website. Hang faced a lot of resistance in his home country, given China’s strict censorship rules, consequently many of his images were confiscated. Never comfortable with photographing strangers Hang recruited his friends to model his shots. One model said Hang’s photography was a way to “break through the social taboo of nudity — for the sake of natural beauty.” Hang had many solo exhibitions in various cities including New York, Paris and Hong Kong.

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The New Yorker: Inside Trump’s surreal press conference

Sweden seems to be subconsciously on the tip of our tongues this week, perhaps it’s because of what did or didn’t happened in Sweden, according to President Trump it’s the former.  So, in a new wave of debunking fake news what’s it like being in a Trump press pit? Do fellow hacks take what he says verbatim? We certainly hope not! This free-flowing piece is literally a description of being in a press conference, with Trump calling Russian news fake and asking an African-American reporter if she was friends with the Congressional Black Caucus just because she was Black. When you’re heavily reliant on media coverage we can all agree it’s not the best thing to insult them so blatantly.

Read the full story here


The Atlantic: Question your answers

This makes the list just because it’s a great put together by the guys over at The Atlantic. Maybe it’s a bit of promotion for the publication, but it’s certainly evocative. Actor Michael K Williams (12 Years a Slave, Boardwalk Empire) begins a dialogue with his alternative selves and asks if he is typecast. The play off between the personalities is brilliant and artistically highlight the underlying message of questioning what you know or perceive to know.

Watch it here

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