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It’s an unmistakable weekend in the year, with Notting Hill Carnival, the Bank Holiday, and good weather forecasts, what better way to find out what’s going on this week than with the best of the web. This week’s news includes, the relevance of Notting Hill Carnival, photo stories on Afghanistan and England’s forgotten towns, and portfolio tips for new graduates. 

The Guardian: Don’t confuse Notting Hill Carnival with the riots 


Lloyd Bradley explains why a link between Notting Hill Carnival and the riots can give the wrong impression that ‘black culture’ is to blame for such affrays. Since its humble beginnings Notting Hill Carnival has come a long way — it has endured widespread clashes between police and participators. The violence of the late 1970s remains in many people’s minds, yet Bradley argues the Carnival has become more important for its reflection of the relationship between the city and the first Caribbean immigrants.

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1843 Magazine: Afghanistan, in all its colourful, tragic beauty 


This story looks at Steve McCurry’s infamous photos of Afghanistan. His most-recognised photo of the ‘Afghan Girl’ still remains an emblem of the country’s inexplicable and problematic history. Afghanistan, a book published by Taschen this month, is a retrospective body of McCurry’s work studying the vast landscapes and tragic beauty of, what many consider, a war-torn country. The book does not follow a chronological order and the captions are simply: location, date. Yet, it’s a profound profile on a country easily mistaken as a no man’s land.

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Huck: The bleak beauty of England’s forgotten towns 


Photographer John Spinks has produced a photo book, The New Village, documenting a small mining town in Warwickshire he grew up in. His subdued photographs are a reflection of what he describes as a ‘rather melancholy temperament’ where he never quite felt comfortable in his hometown. Spinks states the town has done well to reflect the overall national mood — with Brexit, austerity and various social problems.

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It’s Nice That: Portfolio tips from top studios 


New graduates from the creative fields! This one is for you! It’s Nice That offers some timely advice on the dos and donts of preparing your portfolio. They speak to top studios including Pentagram and Wieden+Kennedy on what lands graduates an interview. Jody Hudson-Powell, a partner at Pentagram, says, ‘Your portfolio doesn’t need to look like a big agency’s ‘Work’ section of their website.’ Another top tip is: text is just as important as images — something often forgotten!

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