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It’s been a busy week completing the details for our Masterclass at the UPF17 Photo Festival in November but we managed to pull a Best of the Web together for you.  Why not indulge in some of the more interesting arts and cultural news stories from this week.

Wallpaper: Witty and wonderful, William Wegman’s unseen Polaroids are instant classics 

Artist, William Wegman, is exhibiting a collection of polaroids in New York featuring his best-loved subject: dogs. The polaroids feature dogs in stylised props and span over three decades of image making. Not just for the dog lover, these images combine sophistication with humour which is sure to revive anyone’s day. Wegman has argued he is not attempting to anthropomorphise dogs, but, that his photos are merely a manifestation of our human tendencies.

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It’s Nice That: Blagging: dark art of essential creative skill?

We’ve all done it. Whether it’s a pitch at a big ad agency or work for a new feature: the art of blagging is something many creatives will know about (it’s how I got this job! Shhh!) In this somewhat funny article Naresh Ramchandani presents scenarios following a pitch where blagging is used in full force. If you’re short of time, skip to the end and read this prophetic quote: ‘you can choose to see that blagging is a sales tool, but only a sales tool to sell bad work, because good work sells itself.’

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The Vinyl Factory: The incredible record libraries where you can listen to vast archives for free

This one’s for both the vinyl lovers among our readership and the everyday music fan. Procuring a wonderful collection of vinyls isn’t cheap — you only have to walk into a record shop to see that! However, not all hope is lost. Thanks to the Vinyl Factory we now have a list of locations where you can listen to a labyrinth of vinyls for free. UK-based readers can head to The British Library Sound Preservation to indulge in over six million items! Ah, music to our ears!

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