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Are there such things as sushi bars for dogs, robot love, and quarter-life crises? Well, you’re about to find out in our Best of Web for the week. Eccentric? Unconventional? Comical? Not what you usually say about the news, but we think we’ve found just those stories this week. 

Concrete Playground: Poochi sushi 

Just when you thought you’d heard it all – a sushi bar is opening exclusively for dogs in Auckland, New Zealand in December. The pop-up will accommodate dogs of all sizes, though smaller dogs are ‘recommended to register for the 11am sitting’! For $15 you can expect your loyal friend to be served a platter of sushi, sashimi and Pawl Ale. We are indeed moving into the realm of the eccentric, although if you love your dog this is right up your street providing you can get to Auckland!

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Wired: Love in the time of robots 

Can robots ever replace human affection? In this essay Alex Mar meets Hiroshi Ishiguro, a robotics engineer. The story intertwines the ambitious ideas of a somewhat lonely Ishiguro with Mar’s own search for affection. Ishiguro first developed a robot in 2000 – a replica of his daughter – and in 2015 he launched the ‘most beautiful’ robot Erica. Through engineering, artificial intelligence and social psychology we may see dawn of the most human robots. But, can it replace the value of real human affection?

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i-D: Meet the 16-year-old artist illustrating your quarter-life crisis

For 16 years old Melbourne-based artist Celeste Mountjoy is somewhat of a phenomenon, not just for her huge social media following, but for her thought-provoking, comical images of social and private situations. Her social handle @filthyratbag deals with her insecurities through drawing rather bizarre images. However, Mountjoy keeps the tone light because ‘getting too serious terrifies people.’

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British Journal of Photography: International Photography Awards 2018

For the 14th year running the International Photography Awards 2018 are open for entries. Submissions should be related to a project on any given topic. The winning prizes include a £5,000 grant, a solo show at TJ Boulting, London, among other things. The deadline for the competition is December 12, 2017. So, if this sounds like your kind of thing don’t forget to enter!

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