The Saturday Club returns….

Our relaunch of the Saturday Club looks at the ever-increasing facility of self-representation, self-presentation; the daring of baring oneself (vulnerability) or the overriding desire to be seen and/or heard (somewhere on the scale between instinct and ‘inflated ego’). Look forward to seeing you here!

m3 exhibition night

Here are some grab shots of our prep and the exhibition night. Fabulous crowd. Thanks to Kay Doble for contributing her time to record these. Click on one of the photos to fire up the slide show large like.

m3 event notes.

Well we’ve been so busy with preparing the m3 exhibition that we’ve had hardly the time to provide an update. So here it is. Some images taken on the day by Julia and Emma. Brief and workshop preparations. A great turnout. Over 20 participants came out to enjoy a gorgeous day. We broke into two […]

2011 M3 Saturday Club Shoot and Exhibition is a go! Book your place now!

THE CONCEPT Just in time for Christmas and in aid of the hard working charity Unique ( this is a collaborative evening where The Mango Lab invites photographers of all levels locally and internationally to take part in our annual photographic brief and exhibition entitled m3. Opening our doors alongside our neighborly artisans and crafts […]

paris | paris exhibition – Please RSVP

The Saturday Club at The Mango Lab recently visited and photographed Paris. Our brief was a step back in time, using black and white photography and the urban landscape we focused on creating those classic images that tug at the heart, through either romance, compassion or humour. This show pays hommage to the likes Henri […]

Saturday Club in Paris

Just returned from a fabulous weekend in Paris leading a group in a street photography brief for The Mango Lab. Thanks to the groovy folks at Ricoh and the fine folks at Chiswick Camera Center, London who gave us a new CX4 compact camera to test drive. Being Paris Karl was set on using the […]

:::Paris Paris:::

The city of Cartier -Bresson, Doisneau, and The Mango Lab’s Saturday Club?! You BET! Come join us on a Spring set brief — Although we may have to photoshop some leaves in. It’s our first step outside of the country and we’re really looking forward to it. All the deets are available at on our […]