What is Photojournalism?

Photographers tell stories with pictures. These “picture stories” can be news, documentary (human interest), lifestyle, fashion, travel, editorial, food – to name but a few – and can be used in portfolio building, shooting jobs for a client and even used on Instagram.

Join us for a 2-day course exploring three fundamental must-haves for translating ideas into visual stories through a camera.These are:
single image – spot news
multiple images – the photo essay
grid technique using multiple images – more commonly known as typology.

In addition students will be introduced to the practice of the photo edit – a process of weeding out images from a collection to be able to tell their visual story. Editing down a collection of images is hard work – you will look at why it’s sometimes good to eject an image from a set but keep another to tell the story. Learn to “fit” images together to make a strong and cohesive story.

This course includes:
a routine tech check: review of foundation camera techniques and what to use when
guided practical exercises in all three photojournalism methods. Learn how to shoot single, multiple for photo essay and typology while photographing in and around central London.
selection process: choosing the best images to tell the story through the photo edit with class (constructive) critiques on each exercise, back at the Covent Garden studio

The skills learnt on this course are transferable to many photo genres, from fashion, to documentary, to art and more, and will enhance students’ ability to communicate not only visually but also verbally on ideas and future projects both inside and beyond the visual arts.

Students should budget approx. £20 for producing images at a local 1-hour lab.

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Ages: 14 year olds and upwards / 16 -19 year olds

Max. class size: 6


Any of our courses, whenever they run, can always count towards your Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards Skill.

Book online above, ring us on 0203 002 4991, or email us at info@themangolab.co.uk.

Mon 22, Tues 23 July, TWO FULL DAYS (10am-1pm, lunch break, followed by 2:30-5:30pm) (12 hours total)  £342 (inc vat)  PHOTOJOURNALISM