(polaroid, lomo, film, digital with Photoshop editing and more – loan from us, for free + print costs, or bring your own)

This course encourages you to experiment and embrace “mistakes”! So much better than being “perfect”…
Vintage cameras require a different technique, and there’s a magic to not quite knowing what youre going to get! What you might intially regard as a ‘mistake’ may in fact be a beautiful image!

‘Alternative’ and Toy Camera Photography, using Polaroid and a variety of toy cameras (from Holgas, to Lomos, to any of your own you may like to bring) allows for experimental image making. Tricks and a variety of “vintage” techniques will enable you to get more from your (or our loaned to you) camera(s) than you realised possible!

The Street is your canvas and your eyes will need to be wide to see the next shot about to emerge… Train your anticiaption skills, learn to see beyond the obvious, plan your stage and wait to see what will happen… A bit of patience required and lots of fun!

Part of the week will include printing your images and testing out “manual” post editing skills, which could include adding ink, scratches, cutting out, sticking on, wrapping, burning, distorting… Ever heard of glitch? This is it in a photographic form.

Go retro with unusual colours, angles and lens distortions, depending on the camera you are using. This could include portraiture but the forum is open, as we always keep our courses flexible and open to the group’s specific interests.

Who is this course suitable for?
Anyone wanting some freedom to enjoy “mistakes” and experiment with creativity physically (not digitally).
Art students, photography students, creatives, anyone who likes some fun and enjoys (safely with us) breaking some “rules” and is prepared to cross some art boundaries.


Mon 18 – Thurs 21 Feb | 2:30-5:30pm AFTERNOONS (12 hours total)  £342 (inc vat) (plus some film cost depending on what you use)


This and all our Teens courses can be use for the Duke of Edinburgh Award’s Extra Skill.

Book online above, ring us on 0203 002 4991, or email us at Please get in touch to book or if you would like more information.