Level: Beginners Plus & Intermediate (but all levels and ages welcome)

Mon – Thurs, 10am-1pm or 2.30-5.30pm  £285

Secret London is about ‘secret’ things you can’t see with your eyes but the camera sees.
We all like a secret and London has much to offer the aspiring young photographer.

Photography enables us to reveal things the eye can’t see, so using this as our inspiration our week will include uncovering some hidden London haunts (not all haunted!), as well as using photography and exploratory uses of the camera in a variety of ways: things like speed, but slowing things down with the camera to see them… or speeding things up with quick succession photography…
Imagine being able to sit patiently and watch an ice cream melting…or a plant growing. Or here in this picture, freeze movement to capture and compare (style, technique, science, and lots more).

©Isaac – Teens timelapse

Perspectives, filters (we loan you) to “cut through” glass and water, time lapse to slow down and speed up life, extreme shutter speeds and some scientific tricks along with some other surprises will make this week one of experiments and discoveries. You’ll see London and the world around you with different eyes! And discover things you can do with your camera.

This course can be used as a Skill for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme.

Class size: 6

©Eillish – Time-lapse photography and photoshop

Mon – Thurs (4 mornings /afternoons, 12 hours) 10am-1pm OR 2:30-5:30pm  £285

EASTER: WEEK 2   Mon 8 – Thurs 11 Apr | 10am-1pm MORNINGS (12 hours total) |  £342 inc vat



Dates to be confirmed.

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