Filming Video with your DSLR

Steve by a gold mine in the Central African Republic in 2011. We were reporting on the work of an NGO called Action Contre La Faim (Action Against Hunger)

Wanting to use your DSLR for video but now quite sure how to do it? Get some expert guidance!
Come and be trained by our experienced TV cameraman! And learn tricks from the trade as well as how to upscale your camera.

Join us to learn the mechanics and technical sides in an easy approach packed with insights into best use. Discover:

  • first step must-have settings on your camera
  • movement and positioning
  • what to film – what footage you need to have prodcued to edit with
  • moving into manual operation for more creative shooting
  • add-on equipment
  • sound (underrvalued but hugely important. And we loan you this during the course.)

and lots more!

About the tutor
Steve Ager
Award winning professional cameraman and editor from a broadcast television background
Steve is a professional cameraman and video technology consultant, having worked and travelled extensively with the BBC, Reuters news agency and the Financial Times for 25 years.
During that time he has also trained journalists and broadcasters in camera, sound and lighting skills – from teaching new trainees “Television Fundamentals”, to location-based news shooting and instructing print journalists on how to film with their iPhone.
It was his passion for photography that helped Steve gain access to the BBC and a career in television. He is a keen street photographer and can sometimes be seen sipping a coffee and resting his feet at the Photographers Gallery.
We are delighted to have Steve on board with us at The Mango Lab and he has already successfully guided some of our Teens in our first photography courses this summer 🙂

Some of Steve’s videos:

A short film shot entirely on an iPhone. Camera Film Thriving Over Digital? – Kodak’s Chapter 11 –

A corporate video news release for Bossa studios. A video games developer. –

A feature Steve shot for the FT last year. Shot on a professional video camera. My City: Beirut –

Steve filming for Action Against Hunger, Seasonal Appeal. Sesam 2 village, near the abandoned Sesam2 Sawmill in Nola District, Central African Republic.

Course requirements:
None. But bring a DSLR cameras with film operation if you have, or we have availabe for loan from us during the sessions. Please let us know so we can reserve one for you in good time. No charge.

Level: Beginner-Intermediate
Maximum course size: 5


Dates coming soon | 7-9pm (4 evenings) £234 inc VAT