Film making workshop for Teens

You need a good eye to see a story… but it takes a little more to capture a story on film! This film-making workshop opens your eyes to spotting material that will work as moving images, which can be quite different to stills.

Learn how to record creatively using the movie camera on your phone and get to use some of our larger equipment too.

As we build the project together over the week, filming near to our Covent Garden location, see how your movie begins to shape as you give it form through the editing process and build your clips into a tangible storyline.

In this course you will:

  • gain hands-on understanding of the camera point of view and techniques for story telling and use your camera effectively to record quality clips
  • learn how to construct a story (fiction) versus document a story (fact) – and understand the difference between the two
  • create your own look: Introduction to post-production skills with iMovie editing (or Premiere Pro or Final Cut X)
  • understand film disciplines, including location scouting, script development, story boarding, interview techniques, acting, lighting and production
  • work in a fun creative team to bring a creative idea to fruition in a short film!

The art of story telling lies not only in the capture but also in the edit. You will learn to add the finishing touches in time for “show night” on the last day!

And then you can share your film online straight onto YouTube, Vimeo or your own blog or website. (Or keep it to 15 seconds and it can go on Instagram too!)

Level: Beginner – Intermediate

Max. group size: 6.


Summer course dates:

Monday – Friday (5 mornings), 10am – 1pm £345

Monday 22 – Friday 26 Aug

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