Street art portraiture

Photography is all about the light.
But how good are you at spotting where the light is falling from, where is it casting shadows and do you know how to move yourself, as well as moving the light, to your advantage as a photographer?

We have recently had a blast with students in our studio for one day during Easter courses (“superb”, “so much fun!”, “I can’t wait to come back!”) but this here is a new Teens course, considering many of the light sculpting options which light and studio “modifiers” – such as soft boxes, snoots, barn doors, honeycomb grids and more – offer.

Learn to:

  • create highlights
  • accentuate shadows
  • build mood: eerie, dramatic, positive, stylish…

Anyone with an interest in pushing their photography skills up a notch and more in their photography will benefit from the experiments in light we conduct during this course.
Your in-built flash can be useful but its uses are limited. We start by looking at how you can manipulate the light intensity of your flash but always balancing it with your other camera settings. We then move forward to examine studio lighting.

©Charlotte – Lighting studio workshop

Glitter and fairy lights

©Charlotte – Lighting studio workshop











Studio photography can be used to:

  • photograph objects to sell on Ebay (we know some of you sell t-shirts, baseball caps, shoes, jewellery…)
  • create some great portraits for Instagram
  • significantly improve your knowledge of and skills in photography by knowing how to read and control and play with light!

Our courses and lighting studio are right in the heart of Covent Garden.

Who is this course for?
Anyone with an interest in quickly and significantly increasing their skills in reading and using light in photography. Even if you just shoot outdoors you will gain huge insight into positioning of yourself, tricks with composition, angle of camera, as well as the technical side and play which studio lighting offers.
Great for building confidence on many levels. And you’ll have some great images to post online too!

Bring hats, props, make up, etc. if you like!

Level: Beginners Plus & Intermediate

This course can be used as an Extra Skill for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme. (Please get in touch with us – we have various options of combining courses or setting mini photography projects over the set number of weeks you need.)

Max. course size: 6



Studio Excitement!

Taken by Maya!











Mon 23 – Thurs 26 July | 2:30-5:30pm AFTERNOONS (12 hours total)  £285 – SUN, SHADOW AND LIGHTING PORTRAITURE