London is one of the world’s cultural centres, but how often do you get to photograph the stage (or backstage) of the plays, musicals or concerts you see as audience?


This course opens the doors as we explore a variety of photographic angles: from the history and architecture to the tales of haunted seats, to costumes and make-up, and artists in rehearsals. And we hope to be successful in arranging a portrait shoot of an actor, dancer or singer for you!

Learn the art of:

  • documenting context – from the theatre building itself to the whole stage, the audience’s view, including amazing chandeliers, and
  • capturing details – neon signs, intricate stage curtains, scenery, seating, costumes
  • people – actors, dancers, singers or musicians, in rehearsal or performing, with expressions, gestures, and their relationship to other players on stage

Come and join us for a week of fun exploring the London stage!

Level: Beginners Plus to Intermediate

Max. class size: 6

Mon 13 Aug – Thurs 16 Aug | 2:30-5:30pm AFTERNOONS (12 hours total)  £342 (inc VAT) – THEATRICAL and MUSICAL LONDON

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