Moving your photography onto professional photography editing software, this course introduces you to and guides you in Adobe’s Photoshop, Lightroom and InDesign.

Give your photography a goal – shoot to produce a book or portfolio!
Time is divided between (briefly) working out a project, shooting, then editing and producing a book or portfolio in hardcopy form of your images.

Learn skills for the layout of images, viewing the creative sense of space, choice of font and why, how images work together and how text can change the message of a photograph.
Additional points covered include:

  • Some examples and layouts
  • Binding (basic types, better methods)
  • How to place important elements in the gutter and how this affects your images
  • Double-page spreads & margins
  • The grid
  • Finished layout and elements on the page
  • Typography & fonts
  • Colour (RGB versus CMYK)

You will get a buzz from the excitement of seeing your vision take on a tangible form!

Who is this course for:
Perfect for anyone presenting exam work, pitching to colleges, producing a product you can hold in your hands rather than only view online, and anyone wanting to share the excitement of seeing your photography in print!

This course can be used as an Extra Skill for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme. (Please get in touch with us – we have various options of combining courses or setting mini photography projects over the set number of weeks you need.)

Level: Beginner – Intermediate (Beginners welcome!)

Max. course size: 6


February Half-term Teens COMBINED COURSE:

This half-term we are combining our Portrait course with the Teens Photography and Design Workshop: Building Portfolios and Books, plus some Street Photography.
Based on the work you produce and perhaps also bring in with you if you wish, you will have the opportunity to choose your “output”, from a book, a portfolio to an online collection of images.

You will have two tutors on hand to assist with computer editing skills on Day 4, to ensure completion of your chosen (realistic!) project.


February Half-term course dates:

Tuesday – Friday (4 afternoons), 2-5pm £285 (plus any materials you produce, e.g. a book, cards, etc. Approximate cost for a book is £20-30 depending on page numbers and paper quality.)

Tues 14 – Fri 17 Feb, 2-5pm (Booking button takes you to “Book making course” but for Feb Half-term this is for the Combined Portraiture and Portfolios and Book course, Tues-Fri 2-5pm)

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