“Portraiture Photography” sounds a bit daunting at first but we see some amazing results from our students!
A Teen quote: “I absolutely loved this course! And I was quite nervous to start with but then really got in to it and didn’t want to stop!”

This time round we’re adding “People” as capturing character isn’t only about the face.

And we’re adding “studio”, as you get to use our lighting studio, right in the heart of Covent Garden!

Using each other as models Teens get to experience being both sides of the camera, which is important for:

  • understanding what to ask for
  • how to slightly change your pose to help the photographer
  • experiencing what it feels like to be asked to move
  • knowing how to ask your model!
  • becoming really aware of your background and how to adjust.

You will also get to use studio equipment such as reflectors to bounce light into your shot, backdrops and a simple lighting set-up.

We then take the skills out into the street and experiment with candid and posed photography – and see what emerges!

Who is this course for?
Anyone with an interest in people, portrait photography, learning where the light falls, how it enhances the shot, composing your shot and using unusual perspectives to add interest, and lots more.
Great for building confidence on many levels. And you’ll have some great images to post too!

Bring hats, props, etc. if you like!

Lighting studio - your "classroom" with a difference

Lighting studio – your “classroom” with a difference


You will have access to computers to further develop your editing skills on Day 4, to ensure completion of your chosen (realistic!) project.

Level: Beginners Plus & Intermediate

This course can be used as an Extra Skill for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme. (Please get in touch with us – we have various options of combining courses or setting mini photography projects over the set number of weeks you need.)

Max. course size: 6













23, 24, 25, 26 April

Tues 23 – Fri 26 April | 2:30-5:30pm AFTERNOONS (12 hours total)  £342 (inc vat)   PORTRAITURE IN STUDIO AND ON LOCATION



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