The Teens Saturday Club is a photography project monthly meet-up for teenagers. The project theme changes each month and allows for a range of subjects and skills to be explored and learned, with fun and a social side too. Come and join us, and keep your photography skills fresh, flowing and growing!


Photography produced during a previous Teens Saturday Club | The Wonders of Shooting in the Dark


Livi painting with light


Celia’s abstract of the London Eye








Livi creates stars with special camera settings

Livi creates stars with special camera settings

Celia's view of South Bank at night - extreme camera settings

Celia’s view of South Bank at night – extreme camera settings








The next Saturday Club brief, as we still have winter low light, is to “paint with light” using your camera, refresh your camera skills and improve your low light photography knowledge. We meet at 6pm, dusk, that time when the light shifts magically, when twilight – the “twixt” or “between” daylight and darkness – sees the sun go down and our part of the Earth, London, is cast in darkness. But not quite, as London is full of bright lights, artificial but nevertheless bright! Our eyes begin to see these lights glowing in the darkness. And that’s when the fun begins.

Using far slower shutter speeds than normal, we experiment with what the camera can record, what we can trick it to see and creatively “paint with light” using a range of special techniques. The group will learn how to use aperture settings and more to create “stars” and how to focus in the dark – all tricks which develop the expert photographer. A tripod which we can loan you will be a necessity, as well as warm clothes! And of course mandatory Saturday Club hot chocolate in between to warm up!!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!



January | Low light, Slow Shutter Speeds and Night Photography 

Level: Open to all levels

London, a colourful cosmopolitan city alight with contrasts and moods that shift as day turns into night. The dark night combined with artificially lit streets present the opportunity for students to practise new observations and photographic techniques.

This month’s Saturday Club brief takes students into the magical lights sparkling in the cooler nights, with glow bouncing off iconic buildings. Tripods (we loan) for slow shutter effects of lights blurring through the night and camera settings to enhance star-light effects push the young photogrpaher to use their eyes and skills in the ever-changing environment that makes London a mega metropolis.

Students should be prepared to walk in possibly colder temperatures, set up tripods, and warm up with 1-2 quick hot chocolate breaks in a couple of locations in central London, probably near the river Thames. A DSLR with manual, semi automatic and automatic settings is preferred. (Loadn for course also possible.) Tripod is useful but not essential (loan possible).


Who is this for?

This course is open to all skill levels and participants with an interest in creative use of shutter speeds, intricate use of light and some experimental photographic techniques will be intrigued and excited by this course!

Want to learn more about The Saturday Club?

Class size: max. 10 (2 tutors)

Saturday 21 Jan 2017, 6-8.30pm £85



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