This course is a key component of our Teens academy. It is geared towards those students with a grounding in the fundamentals of exposure and camera principles and looking to purposefully explore their identity as budding photographers and visual communicators.

In this course we move beyond the mechanics of photography and towards the arrangement and story telling aspects of visual communication. Through a series of designed briefs we not only examine the importance of design and composition in making photographs but also content, symbolism, cultural memory and visual ‘semantics’ which are at work competing for the viewer’s attention.

This comprehensive four day workshop sees students embarking on a deeper understanding of their visual output. The potential consequences in the creation of an image and releasing that image to the general public through something as simple as social media platforms. We will interpret potential reasons behind our content creation and through group discussion raise the value and understanding of each of our own visual voices.

To help us on this journey we will draw inspiration from a curated set of locations selected by the the group that week from the following:

  • Landscapes in both urban and “urban rural”
  • The Portrait (weather permitting with pop-up studio on our roof in Soho)
  • The urban animal at Kentish Town City Farm
  • Narrative and telling stories with images, including a visit to a gallery
  • Photoshop session to understand how post production can enhance and perfect ’emotional’ imagery
  • Introduce adding flash for impact

We will meet at a variety of central London locations, easily accessible by tube, to provide a range of photographic experiences.

This course can be used as a Skill for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme.

Course requirement (ideally): Teens Beginners Photography course or equivalent

Level: Intermediate

Max class size: 6
Mondays – Thursdays (4 mornings, 12 hours) 10:30am-1:30pm £285

Mon – Thurs, 10:30am-1:30pm 4 mornings, £285


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