Photography and Media courses for 16-19 Year Olds, Older Teens
Now online.

Welcome! Your journey developing your visual, photography, film and creative skills has just started on an exciting new path! Read on.

We are currently running courses with lots of creative ideas using mobile phones as well as DSLRs in face-to-face online tutorials with flexible times to fit with schedules. Get in touch to be inspired!
Keep safe, keep creative!

Contact us at 0203 002 4991 or to discuss our online courses, distance learning, activity and one-to-one options.

We suggest you are careful and aware when putting a camera up to your eyes, nose or mouth at this time, and if you have a camera that you use it on live view if it has that option (contact us if you need guidance on this). We are also running photography courses with students learning on mobile phones which are very good interim cameras if you don’t have a DLSR.

We grow confidence and vision. It’s why we started The Mango Lab and we’ve realised over time (we’re now in our 10th year, so we have a lot of experience and know what we’re doing!) this is still the core of what we do and how and why we run our courses.
So whatever course you’re joining us for and whatever your skill level, background, interests, we always do our utmost to build your confidence in the skills we are teaching you, in communiciating to share ideas together (and always gently as we know people can be shy and we all have our varying personaliities, so we cater for all of these too) – so you can be sure you are in a fun, caring and creative place!

Do come by (after the coronavirus time) to meet us beforehand if you wish (please get in touch first, as we are quite often out on location) or give us a call: 0203 002 4991. We’re always happy to chat!
And we hope to see you soon!



The Mango Lab guiding students to look for unusual photography – at the top of the London Eye









All our courses can be used towards Extra Skills for The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

From a (now) older Mango Teen Photographer, who has just been offered a place at Unversity to study Photojournalism! Congratulations!! She says:
“…I love Photography A Level. I’m so grateful for everything you taught me and all the fun at Mango Lab – it really did spark my love for photography! Hope you’re well and mango lab is still so much fun! 🙂 x”  Yay! Well done, E!!!

Recent Teens’ testimonials:
“SOOOO glad I found you!”
“Thank you for everything you’ve taught me :))  I’m so grateful for it
“I had so much fun this week!”
“Thanks again for everything!”
“I just wanted to say thank you for the course… I learnt a lot!”
“I loved the freedom you gave us to experiment creatively.”
“I want to say how much I enjoyed the course. It was lots of fun and I learnt so much. You have opened my eyes so so many different aspects of photography.” MP
“Thank you for an amazing week!” PJ
“…stimulating and very rewarding” GG
“I can’t wait to come back.” EB
And LOTS more!

Recent parents’ testimonials:
“She has photography skills other people are envious of, and you taught her those! And she’s just had 2 unconditional offers for photography at university!” SN
“When she gets back from class each day we have to all sit down and hear everything she did! She’s so excited by it all!” NC
“There’s not much she likes getting up for on Saturdays, but she won’t miss Photography with you! So glad we found you!” BC
“They absolutely loved it! We’ll definitely be back for more!”
“T.. absolutely loved the course! Came home buzzing with creativity every day. Thank you so much. Mango Lab gets top rating from us.”
“Many thanks … for the fun and educational course this week. It was great to see how engaged S… was and to hear what she had learned and seen each day. It was definitely a step up in terms of expectations of independence and life skills too, which was so good for her. Thank you for taking such good care of her.”
“We are delighted with her photographs… Lovely! Really proud of her! So happy to have found your course!”
“P.. has come home absolutely buzzing and full of enthusiasm and confidence for her future career. She absolutely loved the course.”
“Thank you again for inspiring my daughter and helping her to believe in her own abilities.”

* Beginners * Intermediate * Advanced *
Macro, Wildlife, Portraiture, Photojournalism, Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Filming with DSLR, Movie editing with Premiere Pro, Minimalism, Concept Photography, Black and White, Create an Exhibition, and lots more! See here below…


ONE-TO-ONES / CUSTOM COURSES – BUILD YOUR OWN | flexible & customisable courses/sessions: Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat (Sun) sessions


New camera skills, software training, build a portfolio into a book to print or as a pdf – great for university entrance applications

Mornings and afternoons – NOW ONLINE for the foreseeable future (still just as engaging and fun-filled as we are knwon for, we have successfully adjusted our course material to suit online courses)

Flexible times slots, based on availability: Ring to book 0203 002 4991 or contact us at
Book soon for: Half-term: Monday 19 – Friday 19/ Sat 20 Feb 2021

16-19 year olds BEGINNERS Digital Photography
16-19 year olds INTERMEDIATE Photography courses – variours subejcts, including software training and portfolio reviews (see below)

Our training ranges across a variety of skillsets, with overlaps.
1. Beginners & Learning to See: camera phones / DSLRs if you have
2. Creative Workouts: for those who have some skills already, but largely open to all. Also camera phones / DSLRs if you have
3. The Big Picture: developing an idea, building a project, software and going to print, for display on the wall or as a book. Use camera phones / DSLRs if you have, various forms of editing software either on phones or computers.

Call us/email us for guidance/dateails: 0203 002 4991. Or email us at
Any of our courses, whenever they run, can always count towards your Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards Skill. Use lockdown to get ahead with your DoE.



CUSTOM TIMES & subject material (choose from course material below or just decide as we go) for SPRING TERM / FEBRUARY HALF-TERM – customise your times with these time-based sessions or build a group of friends to learn a new skill together

3 hours Beginners/Advanced Photography & Camera training/software and more – remote, with professional photographer and expert tutor online  £85 inc vat.
Custom times, divided over days, weeks or more: you let us know what works for you, how frequently, etc. We suggest sessions of 1-1.5 hours per session for most students.


6 hours Beginners/Advanced Photography & Camera training – remote, with tutor online  £175 inc vat.
Custom times: you let us know what works for you, how frequently, etc. We suggest sessions of 1-1.5 hours per session for most students. 


12 hours Beginners/Advanced Photography & Camera training – remote, with tutor online  £342 inc vat.
This is our usual course length which covers all the basics, practical and a session on editing, and more – a solid foundation to get your new skill started.
Custom times: you let us know what works for you, how frequently, etc. We suggest sessions of 1-1.5 hours per session for most students which you could space out to cover several weeks.



This course and all our courses can be used as a Skill for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme.
Book here online or phone us to find out more or to book directly/discuss times: 0203 002 4991 or email us at


Currently we have a number of students we are guiding and training in GCSE and A’Level Art and Photography:

  • visual interpretation of professional photographers’ work
  • shooting in the style of
  • camera techniques
  • picture downloading, and image editing

Subject material to choose from

BEGINNERS Digital Photography for 16-19 year olds – see student work here ONLINE face-to-face

Our highly popular beginners course gives students a solid footing in photography and teaches you how to become master of your camera, whether you’re using compact or digital SLR.
For more details on our Beginners course for 16-19 year old Older Teens check it out here.

All our courses can be used as a Skill for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme. It also leads on to our Intermediate and Saturday courses where skills are refreshed and developed further.

Course requirement:
Just charge your phone or DSLR if you have one and learn what the settings and buttons do, and loads about creative vision – ideally a digital camera would have M, Tv/S, Av/A and P programme modes. During lockdown/stay alert period we are successfully training students on phones and cameras, with skills ready for much wider use later on.
We usually provide free loan DSLR cameras but this is obviously not possible during lockdown, so please contact us if you would like to borrow a camera for courses later on (although we don’t yet know when this will be) to create images and we will reserve one for you for the course. Or use/bring your own and learn what all the settings and buttons do.
After lockdown once we are back to normal: Computers are also usually provided or use/bring your own laptop (usually for the last class, depending on the course you are doing) with the correct software already loaded and working.

Class size: Online, either individual or 3-4 students per tutor. (In studio when running again: 6.)

Ring us to book on 0203 002 4991, or email us at

INTERMEDIATE/BEGINNERS  PLUS Digital Photography for 16-19 year olds – CAMERAS and CREATIVE DESIGN – see student work here

This course is aimed at those of you who already have some photography knowledge or who have attended out beginners course, and want to up your skills.
There are two parts and this varies each time we run it, taking inspiration in part from the group’s interests but always looking to build inspiration and further your skills in creative photography.

Part 1. Camera Intermediate Skills pushes Older Teens to challenge their use of their cameras more extensively than in our Beginners course. We look (depending on each group) at metering, track focusing and other functions in more depth. Flash is also covered as many decidedly “hate” flash, until they know how to use it… It’s actually simpler than you think! But you need to know how, so we show you.

And through experimenting together you will build projects over two weeks with a view to turning them in to print in the final two weeks of this course.

Additional subjects will include using analogue (film) cameras, such as Toy Cameras (Holga, Lomos, polaroid, etc.). Bring your own or borrow ours.

We can guide you around our lighting studio, with a variety of lights and light sculpting tools such as reflectors, grids, snoots, softboxes and more. By experimenting with different angles of lights and sculpting methods we look at why and how photographers create their vision within an image. During pandemic times: You can do a lot of this at home with a variety of side lights, lamps and covering which we will advise on. Explore now while you have the time to play!

Part 2. Create your own cards, book, poster, calendar, invitation (for example using collage) and more. Or build a portfolio. The creative design part of this course is held at our studio using our computers. You will be introduced to Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and possibly InDesign skills for the layout of images, viewing the creative sense of space, choice of font and why, how images work together and how text can change the message of a photograph. Additional points covered include:

©Eillish – Time-lapse photography and photoshop

  • Some examples and layouts
  • Binding (basic types, better methods)
  • How to place important elements in the gutter and how this affects your images
  • Double-page spreads & margins
  • The grid
  • Finished layout and elements on the page
  • Typography & fonts
  • Colourand see how your amazing creation takes on a tangible form!

Who is this course for: Perfect for anyone presenting exam work, pitching to colleges, producing a product you can hold in your hands – or as a gift for someone – rather than only view online, to refine your skills and, of course, just for fun!

Level: Beginners Plus – Intermediate

Class size: 6.


Pick how many hours you want to do (to start with – we’re sure you’ll get hooked!) and tell us what you’d like to learn! Customise to suit you.

Book online, ring us on 0203 002 4991, or email us at

For all our courses we offer FREE LOGIN to ADOBE Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, etc.) for the duration of your course!

Also all our courses can be used towards the Duke of Edinburgh Awards extra skill. Just let us know if this is of interest and we can sort out details later on. There are various formats schools require which we are very familiar with.


Some more of our course descriptions. Add elements of these or the full content to your 1:1 sessions (same prices as group for the pandemic period):

Exploring Photographic Genres: Art, Documentary and Studio Photography course


This course will draw from a range of skills and enables you to get a feel for which areas of photography interest you most.

We start with those “complex” aperture numbers and build on the use of macro lenses, as a Wildlife Photographer uses for flora and fauna (bees, moss, leaves etc.).
We will then add the use of reflectors and light, using on-camera and external flash units so you get to try these out for yourself and test out portraiture (and modelling!).
And then, stretching the boundaries of what you can do with photography, we will look at some science alongside some weird and wonderful uses, drawing from time-lapse, microscopy and more.
Further, we will also be exploring alternative photographic processes to pave the way for the artisan and design photographer in you!
We’re inspired by your excitement at the range we are introducing you to and hope to see some new as well as familiar faces for this wide-ranging photography course!

Course requirement: Ideally a camera (DSLR or compact) with Manual mode (usually M, Av/A, Tv/S, P on the “mode dial”).
(Once we’re back in town and in person: Free loan cameras will be available again (Nikon/Canon).
Macro lenses, zoom lenses and external flash will also be provided, but bring your own if you have. Call and talk to us if you want more information and to book:
0203 002 4991.)

Level: Beginners plus, Intermediate and upwards.
Review, revise, experiment & advance.
Highly suitable for anyone doing Art(s)/Media at school or college, or wanting to progress to arts in higher educaiton.

Age range: 16-19 year olds (and a bit either side).
This is our older group range. For younger Teens, please see our Teens page.

Class size: 6

Please call us on 0203 002 4991, email, or book here via the amount of hours booking buttons here above.


other COURSE SUBJECTS and MANY more:

MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY (This is part of our Creative Workout series)

WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY (This is part of our Creative Workout series)

STREET PHOTOGRAPHY (This is part of our Creative Workout series)

ARCHITECTURAL PHOTOGRAPHY (This is part of our Creative Workout series)

PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY (This is part of our Creative Workout series)

LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY (This is part of our Creative Workout series)

ADVANCE YOUR CAMERA SKILLS and BUILD A PORTFOLIO / BUILD A BOOK – PHOTOSHOP & LIGHTROOM – free software access! (This is part of our Big Picture series)

MANAGE YOUR IMAGES, LEARN HOW TO EDIT: PHOTOSHOP and LIGHTROOM introduction – free software access! (This is part of our Big Picture series)

VISUAL NARRATIVE – BUILDING STORIES (DOCUMENTARY/FICTION) IN PHOTOGRAPHY – Finding your ‘Visual Voice’ (This is part of our Creative Workout series)

PHOTOSHOP: EDITING AND DESIGING WITH YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY (This is part of our Creative Workout series)


FILMING VIDEO with your DSLR / PHONE: camera techniques, editing skills – customise your training if you wish