Photography and Media subjects for 16-19 year olds

All our courses can be used towards Extra Skills for The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

All our Teens photography and media courses run during school holidays, half-terms and on Saturdays during term-time.
Phone us for more information, to chat about how we run our courses or to reserve your space.


Beginners Digital Photography course

Our most popular course gives students a solid footing in photography and teaches you how to become master of your camera, whether you’re using compact or digital SLR.

It’s fun, practical and covers all the basics. From photographing friends to creating eye-catchy compositions this course will provide you with the core skills to make your photography stand out from the rest.

You will learn how to:

  • use different camera settings for creative effect
  • set a correct exposure in different modes and various situations
  • create strong images and unusual pictures

We get to shoot out on location with fun briefs and projects, with a brief introduction to photo editing in Photoshop depending on the group.

Locations visited are likely to include Covent Garden where we are based, and may also include:

  • Greenwich by boat
  • Piccadilly Circus
  • South Bank
  • Camden Market and more.

Overview of course key points:

  • build skills
  • a bit of theory (or more, depending on the course and your requests)
  • lots of practical
  • fun and engaging, laughter, care, attention and be yourself
  • max. group size of 6
  • get to know/discover more of London – explore (e.g. Brick Lane, Green Park for wildlife in the park, Camden Town for street photography in the market, Embankment and South Bank for skate boards and graffitti, head to Greenwich by boat on the Thames, tunnnels for lighting and shutter speed tricks, portraiture and (almost) anything you can think of to capture with your cameras)
  • post-production and editing introduction using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop
  • Mango Lab certificate of attendance
  • an excellent meeting space for camera-enthusiasts  looking to grow their creative and media skillsets!

This course can be used as a Skill for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme. It also leads on to our Intermediate and Saturday courses where skills are refreshed and developed further.

Our 6:1 ratio means spaces are limited, so book early to secure your space.

Course requirement: Ideally a camera (DSLR or compact) with Manual mode (usually M, Av/A, Tv/S, P on the “mode dial”).
Loan cameras available (Nikon/Canon), so please contact us to enquire/ reserve if required.

Level: Beginners and upwards.
Review, revise, play & advance.

Age range: 16-19 year olds (and a bit either side).
This is our older group. For younger Teens, see our Teens page.

Class size: 6


Christmas Holidays | Beginners Digital

Thurs 13 Dec – Fri 14 Dec | 10am-4pm ALL DAY (1 hour lunch break) over 2 days (10 hours total)  £288 (inc vat)


Mon 17 Dec – Thurs 20 Dec | 10am-1pm MORNINGS (12 hours total)  £342 (inc vat)



Intermediate/Beginners Plus: Cameras and Creative Design course

This course is aimed at those of you who already have some photography knowledge or who have attended out beginners course, and want to up your skills.
There are two parts and this varies each time we run it, taking inspiration in part from the group’s interests but always looking to build inspiration and further your skills in creative photography.

Part 1. Camera Intermediate Skills pushes Older Teens to challenge their use of their cameras more extensively than in our Beginners course. We look (depending on each group) at metering, track focusing and other functions in more depth. Flash is also covered as many decidedly “hate” flash, until they know how to use it… It’s actually simpler than you think! But you need to know how, so we show you.

And through experimenting together you will build projects over two weeks with a view to turning them in to print in the final two weeks of this course.

Additional subjects will include using analogue (film) cameras, such as Toy Cameras (Holga, Lomos, polaroid, etc.). Bring your own or borrow ours.

Our lighting studio also awaits, with a variety of lights and light sculpting tools such as reflectors, grids, snoots, softboxes and more. By experimenting with different angles of lights and sculpting methods we look at why and how photographers create their vision within an image.

Part 2. Create your own cards, book, poster, calendar, invitation (for example using collage) and more. Or build a portfolio. The creative design part of this course is held at our studio using our computers. You will be introduced to Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and possibly InDesign skills for the layout of images, viewing the creative sense of space, choice of font and why, how images work together and how text can change the message of a photograph. Additional points covered include:


©Eillish – Time-lapse photography and photoshop

  • Some examples and layouts
  • Binding (basic types, better methods)
  • How to place important elements in the gutter and how this affects your images
  • Double-page spreads & margins
  • The grid
  • Finished layout and elements on the page
  • Typography & fonts
  • Colour
    and see how your amazing creation takes on a tangible form!

Who is this course for: Perfect for anyone presenting exam work, pitching to colleges, producing a product you can hold in your hands – or as a gift for someone – rather than only view online, to refine your skills and, of course, just for fun!

Level: Beginners Plus – Intermediate

Class size: 6.


Christmas Holidays | Intermediate and Beginners Plus

Mon 17 Dec – Thurs 20 Dec | 2:30-5:30pm AFTERNOONS (12 hours total)  £342 (inc vat)



Please call us on 0203 002 4991, email, or book here on our website to secure your place.


Exploring Photographic Genres: Art, Documentary and Studio Photography course


This course will draw from a range of skills and enables you to get a feel for which areas of photography interest you most.

We start with those “complex” aperture numbers and build on the use of macro lenses, as a Wildlife Photographer uses for flora and fauna (bees, moss, leaves etc.).
We will then add the use of reflectors and light, using on-camera and external flash units so you get to try these out for yourself and test out portraiture (and modelling!).
And then, stretching the boundaries of what you can do with photography, we will look at some science alongside some weird and wonderful uses, drawing from time-lapse, microscopy and more.
Further, we will also be exploring alternative photographic processes to pave the way for the artisan and design photographer in you!
We’re inspired by your excitement at the range we are introducing you to and hope to see some new as well as familiar faces for this wide-ranging photography course!

Course requirement: Ideally a camera (DSLR or compact) with Manual mode (usually M, Av/A, Tv/S, P on the “mode dial”).
LOAN CAMERAS available (Nikon/Canon), so please contact us in you would like to borrow a camera for this course and to book a space.
Macro lenses, zoom lenses and external flash will be provided, but bring your own if you have. Call and talk to us if you want more information and to book: 0203 002 4991

Level: Beginners plus, Intermediate and upwards.
Review, revise, play & advance.
Very suitable for anyone doing Art/Media, etc.

Age range: 16-19 year olds (and a bit either side).
This is our older group. For younger Teens, see our Teens page.

Class size: 6

Next course dates to be announced.

Please call us on 0203 002 4991, email, or book here on our website to secure your place.

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