Documentary Photography and Photojournalism

Build your ability to find a documentary angle to what you see and create strong consistent imagery to tell stories in photography.

Have you got what it takes to be a photojournalist? Photographers today need to have a wide range of skills, and as reporters they may also shoot a vast array of topics and locations, without specializing in just one thing: “You have to be an all-rounder!”

This course exposes you to some of the areas you may need to be expert in:

  • how to anticipate a story
  • planning and development
  • pitching your story or imagery to get it published, as images and sometimes with words, in print or online.

A brief introduction with our journalist Hanna to guide you in writing accompanying text sets the week in motion. How do you put into words what you see? Refining your practical reportage skills will see you out on the streets, guided by your tutor, Giorgia.
And we will also be visiting an editing suite of a newspaper or magazine to give you insight into the process of reporting through to print (and going online).

Participants will be guided through a set of briefs aimed at understanding the process of creating a photo story. Over the week students will learn about the photo essay, single image and option of story with images – all valid in establishing a clear visual narrative for reporting.

You will gain from

  • spotting and seeing others’ photographic opportunities
  • storyboard preparation
  • non-intrusive documentary, and winning the subject’s trust
  • photographing the actual shoot
  • editing and presenting to be published.

This course is an exciting introduction to visual storytelling. Karl Grupe has many years of experience teaching and kickstarting students’ careers in this subject: they have ended up published in places such as Vice magazine, The Guardian, The Economist, BBC, CNN, British Journal of Photography, and more.

Who is this for?

This is an excellent course for those interested in a taster or is serious in being a journalist, or involved in photojournalism, media and communications. You will benefit from the exposure to both the material working with a photojournalist and understanding the complete process from start to publish!

Book here online or phone to book: 0203 002 4991 or email us at


Custom times, ring/email to arrange: suggested format 4 sessions of 1.5 hours or 6 sessions of 1 hour each session.

Level: Beginners – Advanced.

Course size: 1:1 or build your own group. Courses running currently online face-to-face via Zoom, Skype, etc.


Book here online or phone us to book/arrange custom dates and times at usual group prices during stay-at-home time: 0203 002 4991. Or email for more details:
6 hours total, £185 inc VAT


Add more time if you want to progress further. Or set yourself smaller goals, e.g. 3 hours training now and add more later:
3 hours as starter or add-on, £95 inc VAT


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