Learn online and face-to-face (Zoom or Skype, with screen sharing) with our expert tutors how to turn your collections of film clips from mobile phones, GoPros or DSLR cameras, including timelapse photography into a short film that works on social media, and that friends, collegues and customers will actually want to watch!
Join us to turn your film footage into something you can actually share, whether online on YouTube, Vimeo or on your own website. You will see how your movie begins to shape as you give it form through the editing process and build your clips into a tangible storyline.

Everyone has shot video these days, even if it’s just on your phone. Get creative and learn to create slick and fun transitions between clips, add effects and lots more. By adding titles, sound and music you will learn to add the finishing touches.

With clear step-by-step guidance in a fun and friendly environment, the process from raw footage to completed film (as much as time allows and depending on how ambitious you are!) will have you up and running for producing some exciting new projects.

We also look at the Mac set-up and organisation and navigation around files within the Finder environment, setting up of Libaries on external harddrives to save you space and keep your work safe, as well as invaluable shortcuts to add speed to your process.

Course requirements and suggestions:

To ensure that your course is as educational and runs as efficiently as possible, we request if you are bringing your own laptop that you have footage either on an external harddrive, USB stick, etc. to import in the first session (e.g. .mov, .mp4, files, etc.).
Due to the varying transfer speeds of different cameras and cables (USB 2 or USB 3, Firewire 400, Firewire 800, thunderbolt, etc.) and the large quantity of footage students sometimes arrive with(!), this can be extremely time consuming and we strongly recommend you make a selection of usable clips and have these ready on a usb or external HD before the course. Please contact us if you need guidance before attending.
Be as selective with your footage as possible. You will only need to select about 10 minutes of footage for use in this course.

Create a video by the end of the course (a bit of time needed at home but only if you want/can), for example with famliy archive material, holiday footage, photos as film, and more!


| Custom times, ring/email to arrange: suggested format 4 sessions of 1.5 hours or 6 sessions of 1 hour each session.

One of the best pieces software for quickly learning how to edit movies! Discover the magic of enhancing, altering and using your images for design in this wonderfully versatile programme.

Software version: iMovie 10.2.2 and their associated versions, e.g. 10.2.1, etc. Please let us know what version of iMovie you are on and what Mac Operating System you have. Please be aware: iMovie ONLY WORKS on APPLE COMPUTERS. For film editing programmes which work on Apple and PC consider Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro. Ring us if you have questions: 0203 002 4991.
To learn to edit film footage using Adobe Premiere Pro, part of the Adobe Creative Cloud package, please see our Premiere Pro film editing course.​

Level: Beginners, refresher and upwards.

Course size: 1:1 or build your own group. Courses running currently online face-to-face via Zoom, Skype, etc.


6 hours total, £185 inc VAT


Add more time if you want to progress further. Or set yourself smaller goals, e.g. 3 hours training now and add more later:
3 hours as starter or add-on, £95 inc VAT


Book here online or phone us to book/arrange custom dates and times at usual group prices during stay-at-home time: 0203 002 4991. Or email for more details: info@themangolab.co.uk