This course includes training in Adobe InDesign skills for the layout of images, viewing the creative sense of space, choice of font and why, how images work together and how text can change the message of a photograph. Additional points covered include:

  • Some examples and layouts
  • Binding (basic types, better methods)
  • How to place important elements in the gutter and how this affects your images
  • Double-page spreads & margins
  • The grid
  • Finished layout and elements on the page
  • Typography & fonts
  • Colour (RGB versus CMYK)

You will get a buzz from the excitement of seeing your vision take on a tangible form!

Level: Beginner – Intermediate

Class size: 4

Who is this course for: Perfect for anyone producing a product, whether of your own images, for work, pitching to colleges, or any other type of presentation – holding something in your hands is so much more convincing and satisifying than the usual online display!

Course requirements: None, but you can bring your own laptop with the software already installed. Plese let us know which version you have. Alternatively you can borrow one of our computers, just let us know so we can reserve one for you.


Maggie’s book as a gif, built in InDesign


















Book here online or phone to book now: 0203 002 4991

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