Lightroom: Photography and Post-Production – Level 1:  currently running online, face-to-face and expert tutor-led

This course ties in with our Photoshop courses. Focus on Lightroom which will give you plenty to work with and excellent results.
Or attend both these courses with us and you are all set to organise, store, edit and present your work to the world!

Lightroom is the photographer’s go-to software for organisation, management, storage, and certain edits or in some case all edits. From here you can also very easily produce books, websites and more. Thank you, Adobe!

Your file management takes on an easy categorisation, by setting up projects, sorting these by name, date or however you need – which will be discussed and each student will be guided appropriately for their particular requirement. Never again will you get stuck searching for your images, if you use our simple tips!

We also look at tagging, colour coding, flagging and rating. These give you the ability to “filter” and view only your best images, or only the ones you have selected to include in your book, upload to your website, only the images from a certain place/date, etc.

Lightroom has simple tools within its Develop workspace, for basic and enhanced/advanced edting of your images. It’s actually a lot eaiser than people think! And we often hear:
“This is such great software! It really makes sense!”

We look at what you need to get right on camera in an introductory discussion about camera techniques where relevant, but what with Lightroom you can rescue!
For example:

  • exposure
  • altering colours / temperature
  • removing dust or other
  • dodging and burning (brightening / darkening only certain areas to bring out important parts of your images)
  • perspective correction
  • cropping – to remove parts or reframe

and lots more.

You will also be shown how to ‘export’ images for email and the web – a really quick way to resize your images.

You can also use Lightroom to set up a slideshow at the click on a button. No more Powerpoint needed. Time it for speed, choose your background/ colour, add a logo – again all at the click of a button.

And when you have all your images ready, also at the click of a button, Lightroom will build you a book! You can shuffle pages, realign, shrink, enlarge – customise exactly as you want. Click and send to Blurb to produce! Easy!

And if you join us for Photoshop – we will look briefly in this course too at how Lightroom can open images directly into Photoshop, you make more advanced edits, and save back into your Lightroom Library or Catalogue – all from one brilliant programme! Lightroom.

Discover how good you are and how good you can be!! We love seeing delighted and amazed faces when we show you how you can make so much more of your photography!

Use your own images to make it most relvent to you and discover how good you can be!

Level: Beginners, refresher and upwards.

Course size: 1:1 or build your own group. Courses running currently online face-to-face via Zoom, Skype, etc. Face-to-face online with  expert professionally practising tutor


Book here online or phone us to book/arrange custom dates and times at usual group prices during stay-at-home time: 0203 002 4991. Or email for more details:
6 hours total, £185 inc VAT


Add more time if you want to progress further. Or set yourself smaller goals, e.g. 3 hours training now and add more later:
3 hours as starter or add-on, £95 inc VAT


Excellent software in combination with Adobe Photoshop. Our recommendation: learn Lightroom first, then progress to Photoshop.

Book here online or phone us to book, and let us know if you need to borrow a computer:
0203 002 4991 or

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