Lightroom Image Editing and Image Management – Level 2: currently running online, face-to-face and expert tutor-led

Level 2 obviously follows on from Level 1!
You’re very welcome to join us here if know quite a bit already from elsewhere or your own study (check out what we cover in Level 1) and want to grow your knowledge to be an Expert in Lightroom and all the wide-reaching options and extensions the software has to offer.

Along with a more extended knowledge of building data bases, backups and the whole archive system, we explore

  • Collections
  • Metadata
  • Map facility and geo-coordinates to tag your images correctly
  • Creating books: how to design, edit layout and re-import back from Photoshop for advanced edits if you spot required edits mid-way, fonts and more, and how to publish and sell (if you want)
  • Slideshow presentations of your collections, also with design features, timings, transitions, etc.
  • Printing options including “Contact sheets” (multiple images on one page) – so useful for quick viewing online or in print
  • Website design straight up from Lightroom! Get your images on view fast.

Lightroom skills – which take some getting used to – are presented with expert patience and experienced technical guidance to grow your confidence at a realistic pace, based on the group’s dynamics.

Come and join us for fun and fruitful advanced learning!

Use your own images to make your course and learning relevant to you and discover how good you can be!

Level: Beginners, refresher and upwards.

Course size: 1:1 or build your own group. Courses running currently online face-to-face via Zoom, Skype, etc.


Book here online or phone us to book/arrange custom dates and times at usual group prices during stay-at-home time: 0203 002 4991. Or email for more details:
6 hours total, £185 inc VAT


Add more time if you want to progress further. Or set yourself smaller goals, e.g. 3 hours training now and add more later:
3 hours as starter or add-on, £95 inc VAT


Book here online or phone us to book: 0203 002 4991. Or email for more details:

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