This online face-to-face and one-to-one course (currently same price as group course) is a practical introduction to Adobe Photoshop. Just because you haven’t taken the best photograph doesn’t mean it’s a throwaway shot. Images can always be improved and enhanced quickly, even in only a few steps, to achieve something far more eye-catching.

Discover the magic of enhancing, altering and using your images for design in this wonderfully versatile programme.

This course is aimed at photographers, business users and anyone who works in visual content production.

You will focus on:

• Image retouching
• Image enhancements (using various selection methods, tools and mediums to alter images)
• Understanding resizing for various outputs
• Colour correction
• Background change
• Removing objects
• Image manipulation
• White background
• GIF making
• Image restoration
• Perspective corrections for interior design and real estate

Students will also learn to produce:

• Collages, with a variety of layers, text, images and logos
• Greeting cards
• Posters
• Images and design layouts for email, web and blogs, etc. incl. marketing/ newsletters, and more.

This course trains you to see the potential of a photograph – what it is and what you can make it. This knowledge will help you to photograph smarter and add immense visual value through Photoshop to what and how you present your imagery!

Course requirements:

Software installed on your computer – but we can guide you if you need help installing and setting up. Please let us know which version you are on.

We recommend using your own images as this makes it more personal and relevant to you, but we can provide images if needed.


| Custom times, ring/email to arrange: suggested format 4 sessions of 1.5 hours or 6 sessions of 1 hour each session.

Level: Beginners, refresher and upwards.

Course size: 1:1 or build your own group. Courses running currently online face-to-face via Zoom, Skype, etc.


Book here online or phone us to book/arrange custom dates and times at usual group prices during stay-at-home time: 0203 002 4991. Or email for more details:

6 hours total, £185 inc VAT


Add more time if you want to progress further. Or set yourself smaller goals, e.g. 3 hours training now and add more later:
3 hours as starter or add-on, £95 inc VAT


See our Lightroom course for additional editing and also image management and archiving software.