Our One-to-One custom designed training sessions have an inspiring track record. With our twenty years in the photographic industry as both photographers and educators we are positive we can help you with your needs.

We have:

  • successfully worked with students preparing their portfolio development for university applications
  • acted as a ‘bridging coach’ assisting individuals move through their career transition – supporting them up to the point of being published by international magazines
  • trained professional staff responsible for the visual content of small to large businesses for internal and external print and digital communication
  • trained teaching and marketing staff in digital post-production skills, both in still and video image plus multi-layered app use in mobile platforms for pedagogical use and social media.

Whether you are looking for photographic business and/or technical advice, portfolio development or you simply want a crash course in the fundamentals of the mechanics of your camera before you head off on that ‘trip of a lifetime’, our One-to-One mentoring sessions are approached by listening to what you need and getting right to it quickly and efficiently.

Here’s an example of our onon-to-one training: a photographic testimonial from Johanna who had limited time before travelling. She learnt so fast she was able to “paint with light” after only 3 hours!

If any of our current course material is not at a suitable time for you or you feel you need to tweak things to achieve a specific goal then our the One-to-One option offers a great alternative.

Please contact us for details or to discuss what you are looking for in a custom session. Fee: £65 per hour. You’ll be amazed how much you can learn.

What students are saying:

“I’m in print! All thanks to you.”
ND, One-to-one mentoring

“It’s been a revelation!”
JW, One-to-one mentoring

“Viva photography – and you, without whom I’d be on Auto and P for ever!!”
RD, One-to-one mentoring

“Your notes [customised to individual requirements] were invaluable!”

“Thank you for the beautiful lesson… I want to come again as soon as possible.”
GT, One-to-one mentoring


Read our Student Spotlight on one of our long-term one-to-one students. Click here: http://themangolab.co.uk/2016/09/02/student-spotlight-nicky-dunnington-jefferson/

*** Custom gift vouchers available ***

Email us at info@themangolab.co.uk to find out more, ask questions or to arrange a time for a one-to-one.

Or phone us on 0203 002 4991. We look forward to inspiring you!

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