We know you Teens have a lot of Art course work to prepare and a lot of you love our Photoshop and creative sessions but want more. Never enough time. So here’s a course just for you!

You know we listen to what you need and here’s your chance to ask for guidance, whether creative or technical. Questions in your mind might be:

  • Is it possible to completely remove an item/person?
  • How do I blend a face on top of another?
  • I have some ideas and have photographed a series but they’re not quite fitting together. Can you make some suggestions?
  • We’re meant to be writing about our motivation for our project and what we’re trying to say. But I don’t know what to say…or how to say it.
  • I’m stuck with my art project. Help!

Through a series of specific photographic briefs we focus on building content through among others, symbolism (semiotics), personal code (your personal touch), cultural memory (what humans are about) and visual ‘semantics’ (meanings behind things). We will even help you with writing about what you are presenting in your portfolio – not taking it over but by guiding you to get your own words out and on to paper/computer.

This week is likely to include being guided in methods and formats of collecting material to communicate visual stories, if this is appropriate to the needs of the group.

This comprehensive four-day workshop focuses on “pre-visualisation” techniques. You will learn to investigate deeper and consider why and where and how you point your cameras, your paint brush or your wacom tablet stylus.

Combining briefs with on-location photography this course is energetic as it is reflective.


While photography is our modus operandi, briefs/projects will involve introduction and practice of pre-visualisation, observation, visual thinking, recognising trends and producing for various photographic genres.

This course can be used as a Skill for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme.

Age range: 16-19 year olds

Level: Beginners Plus and Intermediate (guidance on hand for beginners photographers if required)

Max class size: 6


Term-time course dates:
Saturdays term-time, 10:30-1:30pm (MORNINGS, 4 sessions) £285
Computers provided for session use

May 2017

Saturdays, 6 May (then 13, 20, 27 May), 10:30am-1:30pm  £285

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