Before moving to Photoshop we will take a step back and look at the skill of composition, and see what our eyes are drawn to, to be inspired in the first place to take the picture, how to capture a strong visual image and leave out what is regarded as redundant material – or crop it out!

This course brings images to the digital ‘lightroom’ for processing – everyone is fascinated to see their images springing to life where they may have thought they were better deleted! Techniques for bringing out the best visual highlights within an image, adding new colours, overlapping images to create collages, adding text and even creating mini movie animations will inspire Teens to keep busy photographing, show them how to manage their images on the computer AND use their images for any number of fun flashy projects at school, at home or online with friends.

This course can be used as a Skill for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme.

Course requirement: Please contact us if you need to borrow a camera for the camera intro session on Day One to create images for this course. Or bring some mobile phone images for editing. Laptops can be provided or bring your own laptop with the correct software.

Level: Beginners or Beginners Plus

Class size: 4




What students are saying:

It was a lot of fun. Someone like me (beginner) enjoyed and understood how Photoshop works, it was so good!”
FS, 14 years old

“Great course! I have been inspired to continue to play around on my own now that I’ve learnt additional skills. Very accommodating and friendly, lots of fun too!”
CF 15 years old




Summer Holidays course dates:

Monday – Thursday, 2:30pm – 5:30pm £285
July and August dates to be announced

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