Inspired by the wonderful high energy levels of some of you Teens, we thought we’d create a hi-octane course for you!

We introduced this course last summer and had a fabulous time!

Adjusting your camera settings quickly is a challenge in itself, but how about using your surrounding environment to add to the mix? Moving with speed from one venue to another you must capture the atmosphere as we race by, with headphones in and music with a fast beat you will have your senses bombarded!

We’re not quite putting on skydiving for you, but let’s say we’re aiming to give you that similar rush: from heights (we will adjust if some of you are too nervous…) with planned visits to St Paul’s Gallery, Monument, London Eye or Emirates Air Line, and high speed on the Thames with the London Thames Rib Experience. Fantastic!

Join us for a week of speed, and get to:

  • change settings very fast
  • focus accurately whilst on the run
  • compose creatively whilst hanging upside down (almost)
  • hone your anticipation of a shot with little time to think!
  • (and look after your camera while on the go!)
  • have a blast with loads of fun!

Do bring GoPro cameras if you have them as an additional capture medium.

Be prepared for an energetic week!

Level: Beginners Plus to Intermediate

Max. class size = 6














Big Ben

Views from the SHARD !









Monday – Thursday, 10am-1pm OR 2:30-5:30pm  £335 per person (includes tickets to adrenaline activities: Thames Rib Experience boat, Zipline, etc.)

Mon 9 – Thurs 12 July | 10am-1pm MORNINGS (12 hours total)  £335 – ADRENALINE LONDON!


Mon 6 Aug – Thurs 9 Aug | 10am-1pm MORNINGS (12 hours total)  £335.00 – ADRENALINE LONDON!


Tues 28 Aug – Fri 31 Aug | 2:30-5:30pm AFTERNOONS (12 hours total)  £335 – ADRENALINE LONDON!



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