Have you got what it takes to be a reporter? Photographers today need to have a wide range of skills, and as reporters they may also shoot a vast array of topics and locations, without specializing in just one thing: “You have to be an all-rounder!”

This course exposes you to some of the areas you may need to be expert in:

  • how to anticipate a story
  • planning and development
  • pitching your story or imagery to get it published, as images and sometimes with words, in print or online.

We kick off with an introduction to guide you in writing accompanying text to set the course in motion. How do you put into words what you see? And how do you photograph what you think? Describing it may be the best starting point. Refining your practical photography reportage skills will see you out on the streets, guided by tutor Giorgia Tobiolo.

Participants will be guided through a set of briefs aimed at understanding the process of creating a photo story. Over the course students will learn about the photo essay, single image and option of story with images – all valid in establishing a clear visual narrative for reporting.

You will gain from:

  • spotting and seeing others’ photographic opportunities
  • storyboard preparation
  • non-intrusive documentary and winning the subject’s trust
  • photographing the actual shoot
  • editing and presenting to be published.

This course is an exciting introduction to visual storytelling. Photojournalist and tutor, Giorgia Tobiolo, comes with not only professional skills as a photographer but also picture editing (selection) experience with Magnum Photos – which means she knows what makes an image stand out enough to be selected!

Who is this for?

This is an excellent course for those considering being a journalist, and/or if you are interested in photojournalism, media and communications. You will benefit from the exposure to both the material working with a photojournalist and understanding the complete process from start to publish!

Max class size: 6


Dates coming soon

Book here online or phone to book: 0203 002 4991



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