Beginner Digital Photography on Location in Central London

Taking pictures but struggling to understand why you’re not getting what you want? Owner’s manual reading more like a foreign textbook then an Ikea guide to assemble a table lamp? We are here to help. Our successful Beginner’s Digital courses combine in-class instruction with on-location practice.
Covent Garden is your classroom for week 1, from where we then move in the following weeks to photograph in additional nearby exciting areas such as Chinatown, cosmopolitan Soho, the West End, Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Street to name a few.

While you are with us you will learn not only the photographic terminology to stand out at your next photo meetup but know how to put into practice with confidence
– shutter speed
– aperture
– white balance
– depth of field
– focal length
– jpeg and raw files, resolution
– and more…

You will also learn when to shoot in automatic, why certain photos turn out poorly in automatic, when the camera is better to use over the smartphone, and of course graduate to using you camera in that mystical MANUAL mode.

This course is always a blast with many students feeling they have learned far more then they expected.

Level: Beginner

Maximum class size: 6


Saturdays JUNE, 2.30am-4.30pm (4 Saturday afternoons) £185
10 June (then 17, 24 Jun, 01 July)


Saturdays JULY, 11.30am-1.30pm (4 Saturday mornings) £185
15 July (then 22, 29 July 05 Aug)


Please call us (0203 002 4991) or email us at

London Photography Tours with The Mango Lab


Saturday and Sunday, 10am-4pm, £325
Sat 22 & Sun 23 July | Secret London – Click for more info


Sat 5 & Sun 6 Aug | Architectural London – Click for more info


Sat 12 & Sun 13 Aug | Street Art London – Click for more info





Studio Lighting Workshop: Introduction to Flash & Studio Photography

Learning to bring light into a photograph is a natural ‘next step’ for any blossoming photographer, but one often met with anxiety and resistance. Flash tends to toss a wild card into the basic knowledge of exposure and as a result many photographers shy away from using it except in the most extreme of circumstances.

This course introduces learners to the benefits of added light through explanation and practical. We start with the premise that ‘flash does not need to be used only when a space is too dark’.

©Roni – Lighting studio workshop

From here you will be introduced to:

  • understanding the principles of added light
  • learning the ‘voice of light’
  • ‘reading’ and measuring the light

as essential keys to the creative photography process.

We build on this knowledge, adding step by step to the tools at your fingertips.
For your additional light sources you will:

  • start by using simple light enhancers or ‘modifiers’ to manipulate the available light, such as reflective bounce panels
  • understand how to adjust the quality of light
  • learn to manipulate your on-camera flash
  • add auxiliary (external) flash, as a first step, in-studio

and discover how to tweak the light to perfection, concluding in preparing and shooting a studio portrait.

Practical exercises bring theory into practice, preparing your move into the studio, to explore lighting a portrait with a single studio flash.

This is an excellent foundation course, to grow your knowledge in our more advanced studio courses running mid-spring/early summer. We highly recommend beginning your studio lighting journey here!

Saturdays, 2:30-5:30pm (4 sessions) £295  | This course also runs on Tuesdays
10 June (then 17, 24 Jun, 01 July)


15 July (then 22, 29 July 05 Aug)


Please call us (0203 002 4991) or email us at




Masterclass: Growing Confident COMMUNICATORS | Sat 8 – Sun 9 Jul – Click for more info

Saturday and Sunday, 10am-4pm, (2 days) £375 if booked before 8 June, thereafter £425
Sat 8 July – Sun 9 July



Street Photography Masterclass with Photojournalist Dario Mitidieri | Sat 5 – Sun 6 Nov, Covent Garden

Each picture we take reproduces our present and documents the birth of a past. Photography is a mediation between memory and reality. Anders Petersen suggests we use our memory to work on projects. “Photography is not really about photography – it is about longings, dreams, nightmares, and wants, and memories.” World Press Photo award winner Dario Mitidieri joins The Mango Lab for a unique event. This weekend workshop immerses participants in the street to create new work, receive analysis and tune in to what memories drive you to photograph as you do.

Additional points from Dario
Be prepared for some criticism of your work! Dario is not a mincer of words but his honesty is a great tool to get you on track with a potential career in photography.
Come armed with 1-2 ideas of what you might shoot, around the themes of photography, memory and archive. There will be discussion around these after hearing from Dario about his path and process, and he encourages you to challenge him with questions.
Camera equipment is up to you, as the process should be individual to each participant. And don’t look at his imagery to copy, he says! But if you do it is to be inspired and come up with your own ideas. He is intrigued to see how each of you will have your own style.
We hope you’re as excited as we are!

Level: Open to all

Max. class size: 15 (spaces limited)

Sat 5 Nov, 10am-4pm – Sun 6 Nov, 10am-6pm  £150
Please note that this intensive masterclass combines taught, discussion-based and walking components on both days and participants will need to bring suitable clothing in order to photograph in the urban terrain.

Dario will lead you for Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon, while the other parts of the workshop have you out photographing with access to The Mango Lab photographers for guidance and feedback in your photography preparation for Sunday’s critique with Dario. We look forward to seeing you!
020 3002 4991 (from abroad 0044 20 3002 4991) – for enquiries,
or email us at

The Mango Lab
32 Tavistock Street
Covent Garden, London

Covent Garden (3-4 mins walk)
Or: Leicester Square (8-10 mins walk), Charing Cross (9-12 mins walk), Embankment (10-13 mins walk), Piccadilly (15-20 mins walk)

Lots! See and use Journey Planner


For more information see,

Join us to be a part of UrbanPhotoFest 2016: @UPF16  #UPF16  #TheMangoLab  @themangolab

Please contact us at The Mango Lab for details and to book! Spaces are limited and will be confirmed on a first come first served basis. Contact us on 0203 002 4991 or

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