London’s skyline offers ever-changing photographic material, both with the wonderful varied British weather(!) and light, but also with the continuing facelift of building works.

The diversity of the old and new creates a rich collection of

  • geometric design
  • juxtaposition of century-old and ultra modern architecture
  • textures of wide-ranging building materials
  • silhouetted skylines
  • and lots more.

You will be guided photographically with camera and techniques explained, and your questions answered by our expert photographer guide, Karl Grupe, Bachelor of Environmental Studies and Architecture and Masters of Research in Design .

For image makers who enjoy the relaxing process of photographing architecture, join us for this exploration of a changing city dating back centuries, yet presenting modern day masterpieces.

Be prepared to walk as we will cover a range of different locations, all having strong architectural content.
A fresh assignment at each location encourages new ways of looking and recording architecture with your camera.
By the end of the weekend participants will have a body of photographic work, which documents in various ways the spirit of our changing city – London!



London Photography Tour
Extra information: Please wear comfortable shoes and dress suitably for the weather (cold, wind, rain, or hopefully sun!).
Please notify us of the camera (and tripod if you have), that you will be using. Always useful for us to know in advance.


Saturday and Sunday, 10am-4pm, £325
Sat 5 & Sun 6 Aug | Architectural London

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