We all like a secret – and London has much to offer the aspiring photographer.

Photography enables us to reveal things the eye can’t see, so using this as our inspiration this course will include uncovering some hidden London haunts (not all haunted!) as well as using photography and exploratory uses of the camera in a variety of ways.

Whilst touring unusual parts of London to discover hidden gems and a bit of history, you will learn to explore with your cameras, and:

  • master your focus, shutter speeds, apertures and more with expert tuition
  • gain unusual perspectives – we’ll get you access..
  • use filters (bring your own, or we can loan) to “cut through” glass or water
  • learn to use time lapse to slow down and speed up life (tripods – we loan or bring your own)
  • extreme shutter speeds reveal all sorts!
  • we’ll teach you some scientific tricks
  • and give you a few other (nice) surprises

This will make your weekend one of experiments and discoveries.
You’ll see London and the world around you with different eyes!

Level: Open to all.

Max group size: 10


London Photography Tour
Extra information: Please wear comfortable shoes and dress suitably for the weather (cold, wind, rain, or hopefully sun!).
Please notify us of the camera (and tripod if you have), that you will be using. Always useful for us to know in advance.

Saturday and Sunday, 10am-4pm, £325
Sat 22 & Sun 23 July | Secret London

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