Explore London for a weekend of fun (and quirky) street photography, with your skills pitted against the constant changing scenery and light around you.

For some of this walking tour course you will learn to work fast, using settings on your camera to enable quick shots and accurate focusing – and aim to make mistakes and value them!

We will review and revise:

  • accurate focusing (very close up and further away)
  • stable shots (shutter speed)
  • creative angles (composition)
  • artistic vision (making the ordinary extraordinary)

and lots more.

Alongside the faster street photography approach there will be opportunity to carefully compose the shot, in the “found art” street photography part of the tour.

Included will be a touch of history about the changing faces of street art, its origins, laws, quirks and more. It’s up to you to ask to find out more!

We will visit a variety of locations including:

  • Brick Lane
  • Shoreditch
  • Camden Town
  • and some hidden ones we keep secret until we meet you!

This course will cover a combination of photography styles, for those who like a little adrenaline and want to learn to think and see quickly with their camera, and for those who want to explore “edgy” more considered photography.
Join us for a fun photographic tour of London’s Street Art.

You will be guided with camera and techniques explained, and your questions answered by our expert photographer guide, Karl Grupe, Bachelor of Environmental Studies and Architecture and Masters of Research in Design, partner and co-founder of The Mango Lab.

Be prepared to walk as we will cover a range of different locations, all having strong architectural content.
A fresh assignment at each location encourages new ways of looking and recording architecture with your camera.

By the end of the weekend participants will have a body of photographic work, which documents in various ways the spirit of London Street Art and its varied environments, using a range of different photographic techniques!

London Photography Tour
Extra information: Please wear comfortable shoes and dress suitably for the weather (cold, wind, rain, or hopefully sun!).
Please notify us of the camera (and tripod if you have) that you will be using. Always useful for us to know in advance.



Saturday and Sunday, 10am-4pm, £325
Sat 12 & Sun 13 Aug | Street Art London

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