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Working in Wedding Photography: a conversation with Laura Babb

Working in Wedding Photography: a conversation with Laura Babb


With wedding season upon us we ask photographer Laura Babb how far wedding photography is moving away from its traditional roots. From amateur travel photographer to setting up her own wedding photography festival, Babb’s encompassing approach to the discipline gives her a unique position to discuss the genre. In this interview we ask her if wedding photography […]

The Best of the Web

The Best of the Web


This week we’ve decided to source stories of a more feel-good and somewhat constructive nature; after all if your day-to-day involves gadding about the big city like us the lethargy will inevitably set in. So, here’s a few things we found floating on the web about why positive thinking shouldn’t feel like a burden, controlled breathing to relax, […]

In Conversation with Francesca Catastini

In Conversation with Francesca Catastini


Francesca Catastini’s eye for photography is rooted in her quest for lightness. Her background as a former aspiring-ethologist imparts a sense of philosophical inquisitiveness to her work as a photographer. In this interview she discusses her new photo book about Renaissance dissections, The Modern Spirit is Vivisective, from capturing self-reflection to employing irony, Francesca certainly […]

We get a real buzz about doing what we do. Seriously. We want you to have the best money can buy. It’s why we get up in the morning. Or when you call we’ll probably laugh a few times and have a talk about your dog or cat. For our students it’s why we still get excited when you have your ‘aha’ moments, and for our commissions we love seeing you pleased you put your faith in us. Sure there is the business changing hand, but there are also relationships at stake – and it’s important for us to honour both. Since 2009 when we opened our doors we knew we were offering something special. Not just another business but a chance to share in a philosophy of how we think businesses can be run. A chance to change what is expected of service. Fast-forward to today and we continue to strive for this, building our strength in the marketplace one successful client at a time. We look forward to meeting you.

Head Mangoes

Julia Massey Stewart
Partner | Managing Director

Mag. in Film, Theatre and Media Studies and Languages (MA equivalent), University of Vienna; FRGS

Julia recently filmed and photographed a 3 month/ 10 country odyssey in Africa. Living off a truck and spending considerable time camping posed a number of challenges for her, from shooting passing scenery on bumpy roads to dust, backups and battery charging. Her filming ranged from documenting people, wildlife, adrenaline activities (some of which she undertook herself!) and she used additional equipment such as bush cameras and underwater sound recording to widen the scope of her footage.

Her photography initially became second nature as she documented living in a village school in rural India, teaching Art and English, and travelling across the country. Her skill at languages has given her access to people and their wide-ranging cultures, from learning to fish in frozen lakes of the Siberian winter to studying Kiswahili grammar in the heat of Kenya & Tanzania. She has produced images for editorial use, appearing in magazines, on CD covers and in encyclopaedias, and at exhibitions.

Working in a design agency as photographer and accounts manager she photographed for and assisted in the production of prospectuses and annual reports for schools such as Wycombe Abbey, Woldingham, Francis Holland and City of London.

Teaching is a key part of her life wherever she calls home, inspiring adults and children in photography and languages, art and music. She has successfully facilitated the use of photography as a means to healing on workshops for people affected by trauma.

Her strong musical background has led her to sound recording, including underwater and the sounds of whales and fish. Julia combines her teaching with her own study of natural science and film.

She is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and serves on the Younger Members’ Committee.

Karl Grupe
Partner | Creative Director

B.Arch. University of Manitoba, Canada  MRes Design, Goldsmiths London

Karl began his teaching career coaching Special Olympics and working as a camp councillor for the YMCA in Canada. Today he works both as a professional photographer and busy adult education lecturer. He received a Grade 1, the highest award from Ofsted, for excellence in his photography teaching. His photography can be found at Getty Images where his work has been used from billboards to book covers for clients which include Life magazine, The New York Times, Microsoft, Sony, Nissan, Ikea, and the Royal Mail. His educational client list includes Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London Borough of Hounslow Council, St. Francis Xavier Sixth Form College, TenUK Ltd., Office Concierge Ltd. and Enjoy Work at Chiswick Park. He has also worked as Western Canadian Photo editor for Tony Stone Images Canada, curator and photographic judge. Under his mentoring students have been published by the British Journal of Photography, The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Evening Standard, and Vice magazine; exhibited internationally; produced portfolios to win Bachelors and Masters placements; and made career transitions to full-time professional photographers.

He is a Goldsmiths graduate with a Distinction in Masters of Research in Design where he researched the shifting landscape of professional practice in photography with the advent of smartphone photography and social media streams. This research fed into workshops he delivered to a variety of clients including Leeds Castle, the London Transport Museum, University Arts London, Royal Photographic Society and photography and design festivals including Urban Photo Fest, SNAP Photography Festival, London Design Festival, Design Futures and the Prospects of Design Festival. See his website dedicated to his research.

For adventure Karl successfully “Escaped from Alcatraz” in the infamous and dangerous Californian triathlon. He has the Rapperswil Half Ironman in Switzerland under his belt, along with a few London Triathlons where he raised funds for the NSPCC (National Society for the Protection of Children).