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 Teens Photography

“Thank you so much for the session today! R LOVED it! You’re really engaging and though I was only half listening as I was working, it sounded like you covered loads 👏🏻” – MC, Teens online since lockdown started

“It even lit his interest, he uses his camera now every day. At first he was very sceptical but now he has even thanked me for the course!”

“Thank you! I really enjoyed the course & have learnt a lot!”
Eillish, One-to-one Mentoring

“I can’t believe the lengths you went to so that Eillish could take part in your amazing photography course. You truly are an amazing and wonderful lady! Thank you.”
Sarah, mum of One-to-one Mentoring

“I really enjoyed the course and it was very useful as it was good to practice the skills that I have previously learnt and it was good to learn how to use Adobe Lightroom.”

“The Mango Lab was amazinggggg! I learnt how to use a camera but I also learnt how to look at London from a different perspective. And got to learn with amazing people!”
Mia, Teens Photography

“I really enjoyed my time with Mango Lab. The teachers were very kind and I will definitely come again.”

“Thanks to the Mango Lab, my time in London was way better than I expected. You are all amazing! Keep up the good work and thank you for everything you taught me.”
Laurence, Teens Photography

“It was really great I learnt so much about my camera & I cannot wait to take more photos.”

“I really enjoyed this course. I loved going out and photographing aspects of London. I also really enjoyed uploading and editing the photos and learning new things. I would love to do this again.”

“I wish I could do this course every day!”
NA, Teens Beginners Photography course

“This course was so much fun! I have also learnt a lot and will never go back to automatic mode again!”
JS, Teens Beginners Photography course

“Thank you so much for all the friendly and enthusiastic support you have given (our daughter) as she’s developed her photography skills – we were so very lucky to find The Mango Lab!”
LW, Teens Beginners & Advanced Photography course

“I loved learning about all the different settings on my camera and putting all the techniques into action in the park.”
SL, Teens Beginners Photography course

“An amazing course which enables young photographers to get to grips with their camera. I have come away full of ideas on picture composition. Julia made the learning accessible to all ages and levels. I would highly recommend this four day workshop to teenagers who want to get started or develop their photography skills. First Class!”
CR, Teens Beginners Photography course

“I have continued to the advanced course right after the introductory course because I enjoyed it so much! The course was wonderful, Julia was so professional and nice. She taught us so many tricks and tools to become more creative. I especially liked our days outside the Lab, photographing in the streets and looking for creative angles and perspectives.”
IG, Teens Beginners Photography & Teens Advanced Photography

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  Adult Beginners Photography

“Really helpful/insightful. The intro course was great to learn all the basics!”
SH, Beginners Digital Photography course

“Julia is very experienced in her profession so her professional experiences add on this teaching which will be helpful for [me] to understand photography technique easily, I would say for beginner level is quite impressive.”
AU, Beginners Digital Photography course

“Very useful course! I feel a lot more comfortable with my camera. Will definitely do Intermediate as well.”
SW, Beginners Digital Photography course

“Loved the course. Very relaxed, Julia is very easy to get on with. The structure was great, but not too rigid, which made learning more fun.”
NS, Beginners Digital Photography course

“The course is really good to help beginners understand how to use all aspects of a camera. The course also offers excellent examples and practice.”
DS, Beginners Digital Photography course

“I really do see the world in a different way now! Thank you for opening my eyes to it!”
PR, Beginners & Intermediate 1 & 2 Photography course

“A very inspiring course, I look forward to practising and coming back for the Intermediate course.”
EL, Beginners Digital Photography course

“Very useful course! I feel a lot more comfortable with my camera. Will definitely do Intermediate as well.”
CH, Beginners Digital Photography course

“I really enjoyed the course and I actually learned a lot from it and also met new friendly people that were really fun and helpful.”
YR, Beginners Digital Photography course


Adult Beginner Plus + Intermediate

“The courses were just what I was looking for – a combination of the practical and the inspirational. The small class size meant we all had time to ask questions and the tutor explained things calmly and gave us the opportunity to try out what we had learnt. I gained a lot of technical know-how and was pushed creatively, encouraged to try new techniques and think in the abstract (not easy for a designer). I have subsequently had my first couple of photography commissions and am working on a series of creative images with an art dealer. The Mango Lab course has triggered a complete change of direction for me and I’m loving it.”
JS, Beginners & Intermediate Photography course

“Thank you again for being such a good teacher. I have thoroughly enjoyed your class, and have come a long way during the last two months. So glad I did your course, cos I have definitely learnt a lot. It has been a worthwhile, valuable & beneficial experience.. Now I can go out into the world and put into practice & experiment using the knowledge you have given me.”
JB, Beginners & Intermediate Level 1 Photography course

“I loved the relaxed and fun approach to the course. The feedback I got each week was really useful. Loved every minute and I wish it was longer!”
LB, Intermediate Level 1 Photography course

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I signed up. I was completely overwhelmed by the course. I learnt more than I hoped for and all the information I am able to take with me to improve my skill.
MG, Intermediate Creative Pathway

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London on Location / Practical Photography on Location course

“Hi, the past weeks course has been awesome, I really had a good time with my teachers and mates, I recommend this course to everyone that likes photography or wants to improve their skills a bit more and not only in the technical way! Thank you very much for this experience!”
MN, London on Location/Practical Photography on Location Photography course

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 Photography and Post -Production courses

“It was a lot of fun. Someone like me (novice) enjoyed and understood how Photoshop works, it was so good!”
FS, Photoshop – Improving your photography

“Great course! I have been inspired to continue to play around on my own now that I’ve learnt additional skills. Very accommodating and friendly, lots of fun too!”
CF, Photoshop – Improving your photography

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 Client Specific Custom Designed Courses + Media Assignments

 about our Adventure Travel Photography

“I have loved it and learnt so much. Very relaxed and hands on way of learning which worked really well for me. Julia is very inspiring.”
R O’H, Adventure Travel Photography

“5 stars! Amazing course! I have learnt so much in such a short time period. THANK U!”
IG, Adventure Travel Photography


 Wedding Photography Business Start-up

“I had the great privilege to participate in the Mango Lab’s wedding photography course recently. Given I am looking to turn my passion and dream of working in photography into a reality, this was the ideal workshop. It was hugely informative & interactive. It equipped me with all that one needs to know to shoot a wedding professionally! Although we never took a photo in class, the focus was on the ins & outs, pros & cons of wedding photography. Karl taught me so much more than I had ever imagined. I now feel confident that I have a good understanding of the ‘business end’ of wedding photography – the good, the bad and the ugly. The legend that is Karl also helps you identify your strength and weaknesses as well as what type of wedding photographer you may be. We walked through what the lead up to, the actual day, and follow up looks like of a typical wedding shoot & what is expected of you on the day and beyond!

The course was also a catalyst for me to think about and set up my very own blog and consider what else I need to put in place to create an identity for myself to put myself out there.

As usual The Mango Lab over-delivered & blew my expectations, as well as continuing to inspire me to believe in myself and my photography! Looking forward to put it all into practice in two weeks when I shoot my first professional wedding!! Ten out of ten!! Totally recommend.”
IG, Wedding Photography Business Start-up course

“I’ve done many photography related courses of late and this was by far the most usefully interactive and over-serviced them all. The teaching is highly intelligent, responsive and very easy to understand.”
RP, Wedding Photography Business Start-up course

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One-to-One Mentoring

“I’m in print! All thanks to you.”
ND, One-to-one mentoring

“It’s been a revelation!”
JW, One-to-one mentoring

“Viva photography – and you, without whom I’d be on Auto and P for ever!!”
RD, One-to-one mentoring

“Your notes [customised to individual requirements] were invaluable!”

“Thank you for the beautiful lesson… I want to come again as soon as possible.”
GT, One-to-one mentoring


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