Now online we offer photography, creative skills, creative software training and computer skills courses and workshops.
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We are already successfully teaching online face-to-face at this time.
Keep safe – Keep creative!

I love it here! You make it so easy to learn!” YM
This is what we do! Make it EASY TO LEARN!

We offer Beginner Photographers – Intermediate –  Advanced Photographers – and even Professionals wanting mentoring to move them to a new era, we cater to varying levels in a wide range of formats, guaging the individual or group and how you will learn best.

The Mango Lab offers one-to-one classes as an express  and customised learning path with a proven track record from basic camera training to travel photography before a trip (invaluable! We so often hear “I wish I had come to you before my trip…!”), preparation of portfolio submissions for universities (which could of course change your life!) and photographic mentoring for professionals and budding amateurs alike (get yourself on a new and focused path).
Whether you use Nikon or Canon, DSLR or compact, or even an iPhone or Android or other camera phone, one of our currently stay-at-home online workshops (usually we also run these as studio-based or on-location) is ready to get you thinking and seeing in fresh creative ways. Courses are usually confirmed a week before booking, but we know people like to book last minute, so we cater for that too. Please phone or email us in any case: 0203 002 4991 / We are always happy to hear from you!

“...I would just like to say how much I have enjoyed your classes, you are one hell of a teacher and have inspired me to pursue my passion. When I get recognition and have to make a speech … you will be at the top of the list of people who have helped me on this exciting journey.
SM, Karl’s photography workshops

2.5k views now!  4 jobs, and 2 enquires this morning….. So I think the course has been well worth while!!
GM, iMovie film editing course, used for this student’s business website

“I can’t wait to come back.” EB, Beginners Photography

“I couldn’t have done it without you!” ND, One-to-one Lightroom, photography and computer support


+ One to One Training

Our very popular ‘One-One training’ gives you the opportunity to customise both times and subject material. Any of our courses and skills can be taught in a custom setting, individually or to a group you build yourself. We cover photography, computer management of photographs, editing, online use of images, technical trouble-shooting and lots more.

+ Custom Workshops

For professional groups, team building, away days, learning days etc.


For custom-built training at dates and times to suit you, whether for groups or individual training, at work or for private use, please contact us.

Can’t decide? Don’t know if you’re more a Beginner or Intermediate? What is the average age of our teens groups? Should a Virgo date a Libra? Don’t fret about it – give us a shout – we’re more than happy to answer your questions.

Gift vouchers available – these are popular. We design according to your interest or the service you are booking from our extensive range of inspiring images.

Ring us on 0203 002 4991 or email for more details:

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