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The Saturday Club is a pay-as-you-go micro-course which presents the photo enthusiast with a photography challenge each month. Designed to take participants out on location, it combines briefs rooted in art and design with unique presentation opportunities*.

In addition to design, deliver briefs and support participants through the Saturday Club briefs, the presentation of the work is equally important. In an effort to expose participants to a variety of ways their photography can be exhibited, we often arrange for the images to be shown in a format best suited to the collective work*. In the past, The Saturday Club has held exhibitions, self-published books, designed online magazines and gallery exhibitions, printed and framed works for art sales and most recently produced greeting cards.

To find out more or to participate in our next Saturday Club give us a ring at 0203 002 4991 or email us at info@themangolab.co.uk.




Who is The Saturday Club for?

Over the years the profile of the Saturday Club participant has become clear:

they are enthusiastic photographers with numerous extracurricular commitments and short on time

they prefer short, punchy courses without weekly commitment

they are comfortable with using the camera

they aspire to a photographic creative challenge

they enjoy receiving in-depth feedback during practice and as a follow-up

they are keen to explore creative boundaries

they enjoy meeting new people in-person as a change from online.

Do I have to bring my own camera and does it have to be digital?
You will need a camera, but no, it doesn’t have to be digital. A lot of people bring film cameras, even ‘toy cameras’. Some even use disposable cameras. And we can loan a camera for the shoot day.

Do I need to know a lot about photography?
The group particpants’ knowledge ranges from Beginners to Advanced. Sometimes professionals attend too. All are welcome – enthusiasm and experimentation are encouraged!

How much do I need to know about photography before I join?
Not much, but a bunch of enthusiasm is a good thing!

How many people participate each month?
Depending on holidays, etc., we can see anywhere between 5-20 people. We always make sure everyone gets any questions answered and The Mango Lab ethos lays particular importance on the personal approach.

Do I need to get my own prints printed for the exhibition?
This will depend on topic and the display format. You will be advised beforehand of any additional printing / display costs.

What if I can’t make the exhibition night? Can I still see the exhibition?
Yes, all are welcome. We just ask that you liaise with us to find a suitable time as the space may be in use.

What happens to my photograph(s) after the exhibition?
You get them back to keep.

*subject to participant numbers

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