The Depot, located in Acton London, houses over 320,000 items under 6000 square meters of storage space. This includes contemporary and historical transport memorabilia such as many original artworks used for the Museum’s celebrated poster collection, signs, models, photographs, engineering drawings, uniforms and of course decommissioned full size trains, buses and taxis. Together these form one of the most comprehensive and important records of urban transport anywhere in the world. The Client maintains an existing loyal following of lifetime transport enthusiasts as members and commissioned us to create additional ways of making the Depot increasingly engaging to new and old transport enthusiasts.  Given the large space it was ideal for creating workshop ‘stations’ which embraced adventure and discovery for participants of all ages.

The curators of the Depot objective is to preserve the heritage for future generations and we looked for creating art-based experiences which would allow for an engaging active narrative between the museum goer and the artifacts. We created five stations – each with it’s own unique response based on the artifact and space. Through these creative stations the participant became an ‘active participant’ rather than a casual observer, creating artworks which allowed for a takeaway piece that he/ she created.


  • site visits
  • provide proposal and program
  • multimedia applications
  • photography
  • drawing + storyboarding
  • facilitate narrative discoveries
  • health and safety applications
  • logistics and schedule planning
  • storycube
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