The MA Goldsmiths Design Department and LG Europe formed a unique research opportunity where the MA students explored future directions of the domestic kitchen. While not part of his MRes program, Karl joined one design team contributing research of various potential pathways for the conceptual design project. His interest lay in the interconnection between big data taxonomies and the speed at which big data collects and feeds into product design. He then tested these results against on the ground opinions of what the kitchen means and what worries for our planet’s future homeowners aged 21 – 28 have.  His video interviews and urban footage fed into the research video produced by the team of MA designers as part of their presentation to LG Europe.


  • disruptive research
  • big data analysis
  • ideation
  • street casting
  • interviews
  • direction
  • video
  • ‘play’ agency
  • post-production
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