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The Saturday Club is a monthly workshop that The Mango Lab presents. The briefs change from month to month but the goal remains the same – to produce a photographic experience that offers its participants a holistic experience. This is not just a shoot and show workshop but one which is planned and researched well in advance, incorporating sophisticated briefs rooted in photographic history or current cultural trends. This is a “concept driven” photographic experience meaning it is concerned more with the abstract – the participant’s conceptual response behind the contributions rather than talk about f-stops and shutterspeeds and pimped up kit. If you show up with the latest Canon pro camera or a Lomo it doesn’t matter. It’s about what you create that we are interested in.

The shoot day is the beginning of the process. Participants have a couple of weeks to flesh out their ideas and send imagery into The Mango Lab for selections and edits. Selects then move through a workflow into a destination unique to the project- an online magazine, a pop-up exhibition, a book, a web gallery – exposure where participants will have the opportunity to hear the process of the photographer and their journey to the final image based on said brief.



  • project research
  • logistics
  • direction
  • production
  • post-production
  • design and package


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