The Saturday Club meets at the National Theatre

Our visit to the National Theatre was an invitation to explore the world around us in an instant – not as a response but as a reflex. The Press Photographer’s Awards exhibition was a good a place as any to witness such reflexes. Men and women who kept their eye open to events and continued the camera rolling when others would have put it down, or thought about it too late.  Insert the use of the camera phone – this gadget we use as a digital sketchbook, documenting things sometimes with purpose, and sometimes just because its there. Never before have so many of us had a camera on us AT ALL TIMES. This is an amazing thing. The ability to record and send out what we witness all from within this gadget offers us a platform of expression – a means to communicate and share, narrate and document in away we never had before. Used with social networking sites or online gallery space we have within reach a democratic art form, a voice. As response and reflex.

The results of  The Saturday Club brief will be posted here shortly, as well as an exhibition and self published book in August will be announced. It’s exciting stuff man.

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