The FOTO8 Summershow opening at HOST Gallery

Where: HOST Gallery

We were invited to go to this year’s summer show and it was AMAZING. If you can get past the idea that the images are packed in there like sardines, in a variety of frames and sizes, and you see the imagery … it will impress your socks off – well if you’re wearing socks.  There’s a huge oodle of talent out there and this show brings that home.  In fact, I kinda liked the “buffet style” approach to this show — it made me have to look.  I went around the gallery, despite it being full due to opening night, about eight times and each time I was drawn into something new. Because it is an OPEN show, the work is wide and vast. So it has a wide appeal – but all documentary based.

Did I have a favorite? I have about ten favorites and I cannot isolate one from the other. But if I had a camera to my head and was forced to chose I’d say I kept coming back to Nicky Wilcox’s work – Industria. If you get the time to go — have a checkin… It’s on to September 4th so loads of time.By that time you will be wearing socks.

Oh yeah — HUGE congrats to one of our Mango friends and super shooter Rupert Sagar-Musgrave for one of his images appearing in the show. Looked great and with street frontage placing he scored.

HOST Gallery

Here are some piccies…

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