Publishing to the world while waiting in Sainsburys.

Today we tested the Blurb app. Ok… “tested” is a bit formal and completely un-Mango — we got in there and played like cats on catnip… WOW! What a fun piece of app software this is. The experience went like this — Download photos shot on Ricoh CX4 from desk top to Ipod. Then, while waiting for the tube to the studio this morning put the collection together –  resize, edit, regroup — add text… change background… yadda yadda yadda and once off the tube hit and in a wifi hot spot hit send. BINGO! Story published and job done. Faster than getting stamps at the Royal Post… if anyone buys stamps anymore. This is now the perfect app for those who hate wasting time waiting in cues… its not a reading app nor a game app — it’s a photographers “i-am gonna-tell-a-story-using-my-photos-and-publish-to-the-world-while-waiting-to-pay-for-my-groceries” type of app. Yep. Cool! So here you go … check out ours and see what you think — let us know if you used it too and we’d love to see your published work.

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